Little Dragons

Little Dragons- Intermediate lessons

This intermediate Lesson group builds on the skills of balanced body position and breath control with further emphasis on full stroke development. Swimmers focus on building strong kicks for Freestyle and Backstroke with and without kick boards, and increasing kicking speed and endurance. Freestyle arm pull, side breathing, and breathing patterns are introduced and further developed. Backstroke arm pull and rotation are introduced and further developed. Dolphin kick is developed, and Breaststroke kick is introduced. Streamlining and beginning diving are introduced. This group is taught with the Coach both on deck, and in the water, with the swimmers.

* 6-10 years old

* Offered 4 days a week     *$110 per month (2-3 days a week offered $90-$100)

* Typical lesson duration: 30 minutes

* Maximum class size: 6-8

Try-out Standards

·       Water safe under Coach’s supervision

·       Ability to float front and back, minimum of 10 seconds

·       Ability to kick with board independently (2 laps)

·       Beginning Backstroke

·       Beginning Freestyle with face in the water

Required equipment: Goggles and a snug fitting swimsuit

Suggested additional equipment: swim cap, extra goggles, long blade floating swim, mesh bag

Please contact us at [email protected] for practice times.