History & Philosophy


Head Coach Jeff Pease founded North Coast Aquatics in 1979 as one of the first coach owned and operated swimming programs in California. Starting in a community homeowners pool in Encinitas California, NCA struggled in the early years with limited facilities but established its reputation as "quality over quantity" by producing elite swimmers from day one. In 1982 NCA moved into the City of Carlsbad's first swim complex, allowing Coach Pease the opportunity to "step up" the program and provide more opportunity for a greater number of swimmers. While growing, NCA always kept the swimmer to coach ratio at workable levels to ensure quality development at all age groups. In 1992 NCA expanded to the Carlsbad Boys & Girls Club and in 1995 added a major site in La Jolla, CA at the Jewish Community Center. In 2014 NCA moved most of it's Carlsbad programs to the new Alga Norte Pool and is now a program of over 700 swimmers with a staff of 15 professional coaches under Coach Pease's direction. Coach Pease hired Head Age Group Coach, Sue Parnes, in 1999 and Coach Parnes has been instrumental in guiding NCA into the 21st century.) In Addition, Coach Pease has been awarded the Certificate of Excellence by the American Swim Coaches Association as one of the top producing club coaches in the United States since 2006.

NCA – North Coast Aquatics - Team Policy and Philosophy

NCA is committed to the long-term development of our swimmers, and we believe that great attitude, effort, and focus delivers performance results both in the pool and in life.

Our coaches use the NCA Value Wheel regularly on deck to reinforce our expectations. The foundation of the wheel is our Mission: To Develop Student Athletes with Great Character.

When swimmers practice and apply each piece of the Value Wheel, the result is an athlete who learns life skills through competitive swimming. Nothing brings our coaches more pride than student athletes who demonstrate strong characters not only at the pool but in life.

North Coast Aquatics believes that every child has the right to a safe swimming environment that is free from abuse.  NCA swimmers should be free to work hard, pursue their goals, make friends, benefit from good coaching, contribute as a great teammate and celebrate achievements without worrying about being in an abusive situation.

NCA believes, teaches and follows codes of conduct for Coaches, Athletes and Parents. NCA has additional team policies and behaviors that hold high standards and best practices for all.

North Coast is committed to the long term development of their swimmers and places the highest value on teamwork, citizenship, academics and character building. The NCA teaching methodology is age based until the swimmers reach their freshman year of high school (10U, 11-12, 13-14). We believe in a model that values friendship and places the onus on the coach. Our groups 14 and under are commitment based and show that if you are attending our workouts you will get better! Once a swimmer reaches high school their progression changes based on commitment and performance standards that align with their physical and mental development at these stages.