Parent Volunteer Policy


Parent volunteers are essential to the success of any team. In order for swim meets to run efficiently and to ensure coaches can focus on the swimmers and not empty volunteer positions, NCA requires the help of every family. Therefore, every family is required to volunteer for a minimum of one position for each swimmer (up to 2 swimmers) participating in a regular season meet regardless of the number of events swimming and two or more positions for each swimmer participating at multi-day and championship meets (a minimum of one prelim position and one final position).

Positions are posted to TeamUnify the week of each swim meet, and parents will receive an email notifying them that the Job Assignment is available.

It is your responsibility to either sign up for a volunteer spot or email Kristyn Evans the reason you did not sign up, even if all spots are filled. You will be placed on the Alternate List.  Please make every effort to sign up early for the next meet at which your swimmer participates as we do keep track of volunteers.

 Always include a phone number where you can be reached day of the meet when you sign up online.

It is your responsibility to check in with the Volunteer Coordinator before your scheduled time slot.

If you send your child to meet with another parent, then it is your responsibility to notify Kristyn Evans. You will either need to take 2 spots at the next meet at which your swimmer participates or the person you are sending your children with will need to sign up to volunteer for you at the meet you are not attending. (Note: The chaperone would take 2 spots at that meet.)

If your child is signed up for a meet but does not swim, then it is your responsibility to notify your coach AND the Volunteer Coordinator so they can replace you from the Alternate List.  You will still be charged for the meet as we cannot recoup fees once they are sent in.

Anyone who works more than his/her allotted shift at one meet needs to email Kristyn Evans, and he/she does not need to sign up for a spot at an upcoming meet unless the next meet is a championship meet or an NCA hosted meet.

For all other unique situations, it is your responsibility to contact Kristyn Evans before the meet.

Penalty Fees:

If you do not sign up to fill a volunteer position at a meet in which your swimmer is participating or do not communicate with Kristyn Evans prior to the start of meet, then you will be charged the Non-Compliance Fee (NCF) of $25 per meet.

If you sign up for a position and fail to show up for your shift and have not made arrangements for a replacement, you will be assessed the No-Show Fee (NSF) of $50 per shift missed.

All fees will be reflected on your monthly NCA statement.

The purpose of this policy is to help evenly distribute the volunteer efforts required across all families so that all parents can enjoy watching their child(ren) swim.

Communication is the key to avoiding penalty fees.