Parent Code of Conduct


The purpose of this contract is to provide you with information that the North Coast Aquatic’s staff knows is crucial to the well being and success of your swimmer, and your swimmer’s best interests were considered heavily when this contract was created.

Our ultimate intent is for all parties to communicate openly with each other.

The decision to join NCA was voluntary, and all members must abide by the policies and rules in order to continue participating in our organization. At any time, and for any reason, a voluntary member can elect to leave the organization. Likewise, the organization can ask a voluntary member to leave the organization if the voluntary member does not comply with the policies and procedures of the organization.

This creates a healthy and constructive environment for your children to learn and grow as student-athlete, not solely as swimmers.

We welcome you to ask the coaching staff any questions pertaining to this contract. If a particular coach cannot immediately answer your question, he/she will get you the answer.

Section 1: Purpose

To facilitate a club environment that is supportive of swimmers, families and coaches.

To inform parents/guardians of behaviors that NCA considers inappropriate.

Section 2: Definition of Inappropriate and/or Unacceptable Behavior

The following behaviors are considered inappropriate for optimal club functioning and swimmer development. Inappropriate behaviors include, but are not limited to, the following conduct:

1. Gossiping, using profanity, demeaning, or defaming another person, or otherwise acting in a manner that could negatively impact the self-esteem of a coach, swimmer, or parent. Using profanity on the deck is included.

2. Engaging in negative humor or banter that may intimidate, offend, or demean another person.

3. Inappropriate physical contact or the threat of physical contact with a coach, swimmer, or parent. This includes physical abuse, fighting, and inappropriate touching. This will be grounds for immediate parental suspension from the team.

4. Use of tobacco, alcohol or illegal drugs while acting in an official capacity for the club, i.e. chaperone or driver. This will be grounds for immediate parental suspension from the team.

5. Use of the NCA club roster and/or other confidential information to promote an individual business or other interests.

6. Attending meets not listed on the NCA meet schedule without prior approval from your site coach. We carefully put together the meet schedules with an average of 1 meet a month for each level. We make every attempt to incorporate out-of-district meets and to bring in out-of-district competition for our athletes.

7. Attending practices with other clubs/organizations/individuals outside the parameters of your group. We structure our workouts to meet the needs of all our swimmers. They focus on certain aspects of the sport, building over time. Over-training is not productive to the longevity of the sport. Working out in excess of the swimmer’s established training program can be detrimental to long-term success. Examples:

• Training with parents outside of the regular practice schedule • Strength training without the knowledge of your present coach

• Double practices unless approved through the senior program

• Training with another team or coach outside your normal practice schedule

8. Out of town travel practices need to be approved, and if necessary, set up through your coach. Each year we have a number of athletes that train with NCA as they travel through San Diego. Our swimmers also have the ability to train with other swim teams as their families take trips. Again, we would like these practices to be in line with the amount of time and the type of content that they normally receive with NCA.

9. Additional instruction outside of the normal practice schedule, if deemed necessary by your site coach, will be provided at a nominal cost on an available weekend or practice day. Outside lessons are a breach of this contract.

10. Swim camps should be approved by your coach. There are many excellent camps. Please keep the lines of communication open. We want the camp to be appropriate for the level of your athlete.

11. Using media for the sole purpose of analyzing stroke mechanics or performance is inappropriate.


• Videotaping your swimmer for the purpose of instruction or coaching

• Using swim videos as an avenue to educate your swimmer Using videos for comparison of stroke technique can be damaging. Many elite athletes do things that we do not teach our swimmers. If you view these videos, view them for the pleasure you get from watching elite athletes perform not for instruction.

12. Coaching your swimmer at practice or at competitions. Coaching is defined but not limited to discussing mechanics, race pace, and stroke technique. We look to say, “You love them, we will shove them!” Coaches will discuss race strategies and techniques with them, and your role is to be their biggest important fan.

13. Accompanying your swimmer to the coach's table before or after races is not allowed. We are trying to teach our swimmers "own" their sport. Younger swimmers may be escorted to the coaches, but we request that you allow coaches private time with your athlete.

14. Bribing or similarly inappropriate reward systems for athletes. If athletes are not intrinsically motivated, then they will not survive the sport. External motivation should come in the form of support and love.

15. Inappropriate post race behaviors violate the values of the team, which include negative comments about your swimmer, negative comments about another athlete, and/or negative comments about their race performance. Please also be aware of your body language at competitions and practice.

Section 3: Consequences of Inappropriate and/or Unacceptable Behavior

Our coaches have the authority to give voluntary members verbal warnings for inappropriate and/or unacceptable behavior. Failure to adhere to those warnings may results in termination of your voluntary membership. The sole and exclusive decision whether a voluntary membership with NCA will be terminated rests with Team Owner Jeff Pease. All voluntary memberships are terminable at will. Voluntary membership does not confer any right to a hearing or any appeal of a decision to terminate a membership.


The purpose of a code of conduct for parents is to establish consistent expectations for behavior by parents.  As a parent/guardian, I understand the important growth and developmental support that my child’s participation fosters.  I also understand that it is essential to provide the coaching staff with respect and the authority to coach the team.  I agree with the following statements:


  • I will set the right example for our children by demonstrating sportsmanship and showing respect and common courtesy at all times to the team members, coaches, competitors, officials, parents, and all facilities.
  • I will get involved by volunteering, observing practices, cheering at meets, and talking with my child and their coach about their progress.
  • I will refrain from coaching my child from the stands during practices or meets.
  • I understand that criticizing, name-calling, use of abusive language or gestures directed toward coaches, officials, volunteers, and/or any participating swimmer will not be tolerated.
  • I will respect the integrity of the officials.
  • I will direct my concerns to first to Lead coaches; then, if not satisfied, to the team owner.


I understand the above expectations and that my failure to adhere to them may result in disciplinary action.



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