Learn to Swim

Learn to Swim 2018

The Learn to Swim programs are coached by former UNC swimmers including All-Americans, USA National Swim Team Member, UNC Record Breakers and Olympic Trial Qualifiers.  The Club Kick Start coaches have developed a unique curriculum that is built on the fundamentals of swimming with water safety.  


Junior Swim Team Prep:  Designed for children who can swim a quarter of the pool and/or have graduated from Tadpole 2. Children in this group will work towards early foundations of freestyle and backstroke. Children will increase their confidence and endurance in the water. The goal is to be able to swim a lap of the pool in freestyle and backstroke. Ages 3 and up.

Tadpole 2: Children at minimum can put their face in the water and swim a short distance of the pool independently and/or have graduated from Tadpole 1. Children in this group will work on independent swimming and basic foundations of forward motion horizontal swimming, floating, kicking, and arm rotations both on front & back.  Ages 3 and up.

Tadpole 1: Designed for children who have little or no swim experience.  Children in this group will learn to become comfortable in the water experimenting and developing foundational skill for swimming.  Children may or may not have confidence putting face in the water.  Ages 3 and up.


Cancellations need to be sent via email to Ashley Laver 8 days in advance for a refund.  (ashleylaver@gmail.com)