Billing and Invoices

Billing and Invoices

Carolina Aquatic Team Dues

Carolina Aquatic Team's swim year runs from September 1 to July 31 (11 months).  Billing begins on September 1.  A discount of 3% will be given to those who pay the entire year in advance (by September 20).  Dues are based on the group allocation of your swimmer.  Carolina Aquatic Team coaches will assign your swimmer to a group, and may recommend group changes during the year.

Discount Policy

  1. One-time payment for entire year – 3% discount if received by September 20.
  2. Multiple Swimmers – 15% discount for a 2nd swimmer from the same family, 20% for a 3rd, 25% for a 4th (applied to youngest swimmer’s dues).
Payment Due Date

Invoices are emailed to members by the 4th of each month.  They include monthly dues for the upcoming month as well as any items invoiced the previous month (meet fees, team store purchases, etc.).  You will be charged a $25 late fee if a payment is not received by the 20th of each month.  Advance payments are always welcome.  Please write the checks payable to “Carolina Aquatic Team" and mail them to the team office.  Payments are not accepted on deck by coaches beyond the open house registration dates. 

Outstanding balances are fully the responsibility of the member to settle. The team will make an effort to remind members first and if there is still no payment, the team will seek third party help in recovering any unpaid monies. Conversely, members needing flexibility in the payment schedule should contact the Head Coach in advance as we try to be accommodating, particularly to those who are very loyal to our organization.

Payment Changes

As a swimmer progresses and improves, coaches may recommend moving a swimmer to another swim group.  In this case your bill will be adjusted to reflect the new group fee.  Those who prepay for the entire year will receive an additional bill for the difference, adjusted to when the move occurred.

Meet Fees

Meet fees will be billed just as they appear in each individual meet information (found by clicking on the meet name in the meet schedule tab of the website).  For away meets (any meet not hosted by Carolina Aquatic Team) there will be a $5 travel fee added to help offset costs of coaches travel fees throughout the season.  Meet fees include the NCS travel fee, facility fee, host team charges for each individual event swum, and relay costs. Meet fees are added to your account and will appear on the following months invoice. 

Please do not pay host teams for meet fees – it is paid in advance by Carolina Aquatic Team and will appear on your monthly.  In the event that your swimmer is entered in a meet but does not participate (illness, scheduling conflict, etc), you will still be charged for meet fees. 


There may be a surcharge in the summer for use of more costly long course pool facilities.  Every effort is made to avoid these extra costs, but when they are necessary you will receive an explanation and as much advance notice as possible.

Mid-season Registration

We accept registrations at any time throughout the season. Pro-rated registration fees and volunteer credits will be as follows:

After May 1 - $70 registration fee per swimmer. No volunteer requirements until the Fall (swimmers must re-register in September).


In the instance that your swimmer decides to take a break or discontinue from the program, please inform us by the 20th of the month prior either by email ([email protected]) or phone (919-968-0303).  You will be charged for the upcoming month if we do not receive notice.

We strongly recommend advanced communication of discontinuation. If a member is unhappy with Carolina Aquatic Team, we strongly encourage them to discuss this with group & head coaches well in advance of a discontinuation.