Meet Entry Procedure

Meet Entry Procedure


For each meet, all swimmers that qualify for the meet in Age Group 1, 2, and 3 as well as Senior 1 & 2 will automatically be entered in the meet. If you are unable to attend the meet, you can change your commitment, including the days you are available, by following the steps listed below.  If your swimmers are in the Fun N Fitness, you can also sign your swimmer up for meets by following the steps listed below.  


  1. Log in to using the log-in information for your account.



  2. At the bottom of the main page, there is a list of upcoming meets. Find the name of the meet you wish to edit your commitment to. To the right of the name of that meet, click on the button that says “Edit Commitment.”



  3. This will bring you to your family’s sign up page. Click the name of the swimmer you would like to change the commitment for.



  4. Select either “Please sign up” or “No, thanks." If you have selected “Please sign up,” most meets will give you the option to select which days of the meet you are available for. Place a check mark next to the days of the meet that you are available and the coach will not be able to pick events for the days you have not selected. (This option is not always available. If it isn’t, leave a note in the notes section.)

    If you hover your cursor over a session, it will show you which events are that day for your athlete.



  5. Leave any notes you would like to leave for the coach when they are picking the events in the “Notes” section and click "Save Changes."


Using the method above is the easiest way to edit meet commitments as it directly edits the database and removes the possibility of any mistakes or missed e-mails. Several times before each meet, an e-mail will be sent to all members that will have the current status of the entries for that meet. This e-mail will also have an option in it to e-mail the meet entry chair to change your commitment. You may also use this method. (Please do not reply directly to the e-mail.)