Swim Meets

Swim Meets

As we are a competitive swim team, we encourage all of our swimmers to participate in meets.  Some swimmers may be more competitive in nature than others, but swim meets offer a variety of valuable benefits to all swimmers – athletically, socially, developmentally, etc. Often swimmers can be very different on meet day, we love all of our swimmers to experience swim meets.

The swim meet schedule for each season will be posted on the team website (found here). Not all swimmers qualify to attend all meets – some meets have age or time restrictions.  Swimmers in the Competitive Program practice groups will automatically be entered into meets for which they qualify.  Families will then have the opportunity to decommit from meets prior to the entry deadline if they can not attend.  Fun N Fitness program swimmers will not be entered automatically into meets, but instead have the option to commit to meets before the entry deadline, which they choose to swim.  Swimmer eligibility for each meet is shown on the meet schedule and will be communicated as each swim meet approaches.