Volunteer Policy

Volunteer Policy

All USA Swimming meets are hosted by volunteers and require a great deal of personnel to run effectively. Carolina Aquatic Team is hosting three meets for the 2020-2021 season that provide opportunities to local swimmers and also allow us to meet our yearly operating budget. To help distribute the workload and encourage participation amongst all members, we implement a Volunteer Requirement Policy. Each family must earn a total number of credits based on the practice group of their most advanced swimmer (families with multiple swimmers do not need to earn double credits).

There are Three (3) ways a family earns volunteer credits…

1.  Families earn one (1) credit for each meet session worked. If two family members volunteer at the same meet session, they will earn two (2) credits. Volunteer credits may be earned by any member of the family (or friends).

2.   One (1) credit can be earned for hospitality donations totaling a value of $50 throughout our meet season.  To simplify this process we’ve given commonly needed items a dollar value (provided by hospitality director before each hosted swim meet). 

3.  A $50 advance cash donation (made prior to a swim meet) towards hospitality will count as one (1) volunteer credit.

Families who accumulate extra credits will be awarded one raffle ticket per credit to be entered to win prizes at the team banquet in April. Super volunteers are typically rewarded with a special gift in appreciation of their efforts as we are extremely grateful to these individuals.

Unfulfilled credits will be billed in increments after each hosted swim meet (October 31, January 15, February 15), but may still be earned thru the last swim meet in February.   

Below are the 5 meets hosted by Carolina Aquatic Team for the 2020-2021 swim season:

October 22nd - 24th, 2021 - Carolina Aquatic Team Trick or Treat Meet at SportsPlex (All ages)

January 7th - 9th, 2022 - Carolina Aquatic Team Frozen Frenzy at Sportsplex (All ages)

February 12th - 13th, 2022 - Carolina Aquatic Team Valentine Splash at Sportsplex (All ages)

It takes a full team effort for us to host meets, and thus we have a big need for volunteers.  You can read our volunteer policy in the ‘Fees and Policy’ section of the handbook for more information.   Below are examples of typical volunteer jobs that need to be filled at each meet.

Use a stopwatch to get a back-up time for each swimmer in your lane. This job is easy and is close to the action!  Timers account for over 50% of all volunteer spots.

Relief Timers
Relieve the timers when they need a break by using a stopwatch to time each event in a lane.

Head Timer
Supervise the timers.

Maintain the Hospitality Room, which provides coaches, officials and volunteers with food and refreshments throughout the meet.

Heat Sheet & T-Shirt Sales
Work the desk that sells heat sheets & t-shirts to parents and swimmers.

Ribbon Makers
Put stickers with printed meet results on the ribbons that get handed out to the top 8 places in each event

Take back-up timers cards from the competition pool to the meet director

Volunteer Coordinator
Make name tags and register all volunteers.

(You will need to be USA Swimming certified to do the three jobs below, if you are interested in becoming an official please email the head coach at [email protected] and we can help start that process):

Computer Operator
Run the computer (should be familiar w/ Hy-Tek software) that connects to the meet results.

Operate the starting system.

Stroke & Turn Judge
Officiate the swim meet per USA Swimming rules & regulations.