Practice Groups

Carolina Aquatic Team offers training and practice groups for swimmers of all ages and ability levels. It is our goal to offer age specific training for all of our athletes geared towards challenging each individual and developing each individual to the best of THEIR abilities.

Our competitive team prepares swimmers to climb the ladder of USA Swimming working towards swimming at the highest level they desire.  Swimmers will learn the importance of life skills such as goal setting, dedication, commitment and time management through successes and failures while enjoying friendship and fitness in a healthy lifestyle. 

To schedule a try-out for a group placement, please contact us.

ages 5 and older
For young swimmers with basic swim skills who are not quite ready for swim team. Emphasis is on teaching the early fundamentals of proper swimming in a fun, safe, and healthy environment.  This group introduces all four competitive strokes as well as starts and turns.  This is a great group for young swimmers and families to ease into year-round swimming and want to take the next step after summer league swimming.  Swimmers are encouraged to attend 2-3 practices per week, 4 at a maximum.  Participation in swim meets is optional.


Age Group 1
ages 12 & younger
For young swimmers who are fairly new to competitive swimming.  Emphasis is placed on enjoying the sport of swimming while improving skills such as racing starts, turns and the technical fundamentals of all four competitive swimming strokes.  Swimmers are encouraged to attend 2-4 of the five, hour-long practices offered per week.  Participation in swim meets is encouraged.
Age Group 2
ages 14 & younger
For swimmers who have developed their skills and training beyond Age Group 1.  Emphasis is placed upon further development of swimming knowledge and skills, increased endurance and competitive race planning.  Swimmers are encouraged to attend 3-6 practices a week and practices increase from 1 hour to 1.5 hours.  Participation in swim meets is recommended.
Age Group 3
ages 11-14 
For swimmers who show a strong commitment to the sport of swimming.  Emphasis is placed on more sophisticated physiological and psychological preparation & training.  Swimmers are encouraged to attend 4-6 practices a week.  They are also expected to compete in swim meets locally, at the state level, as well as southeast region level. 

 Senior 1
ages 13 and older
For 13 & over swimmers who wish to be involved on a swim team but may not have the time or desire to make a full commitment to year-round swimming. Participation in swim meets is encouraged.
 Senior 2
ages 13 and older
Offered to high-school aged swimmers who show a strong commitment to the sport of swimming.  Swimmers are encouraged to attend as many practices as possible. This group is designed for swimmers who wish to pursue a very high level of year-round swimming.  Emphasis is placed on the individual swimmer developing an advanced knowledge of and participation in fast swimming. Swimmers in this group focus towards competing up to the best of their abilities at North Carolina Championships, Sr. Sectionals, USA Nationals & beyond.
* Carolina Aquatic Team reserves the right to alter group descriptions as team need dictates. Each group will be re-analyzed by the Head Coach prior to the coming season and changes may be made at this time or any other time throughout the year.