Registration Process:
  Step 1:  Click register now and enter in your email address
You will then be asked to create/provide a password and the required billing information (Do NOT put in Parent/Guardian Info and Insurance info - this is for Enfinity Age Group Programs).
Step 2: Select "Add New Member"
Although the phrasing may seem redundant, this is the next correct step the TeamUnify registration system. The initial section was solely for billing related information.  This page is acquiring general information needed to complete your registration. Please ensure you click "register to this group" and the option in which you are registering:  
Masters Swimming Monthly Rate Structure: **All Options are for Unlimited Swimming**
  • Individual: $50.00  
  • Couples:     $75.00 
    • ​​If separate billings requested each individual billed $37.50.
    • Both swimmers must be added during registration under this program.
  • Student:     $37.50  : students enrolled in a college or university other than Wake Forest.
Step 3: Proceed to Checkout 
Subsequent to the initial fee at registration, your account will be debited on the 1st day of each month. Although you may cancel or suspend your membership at any time, as a courtesy, we request 10 days notice. Thank you for your consideration at we are excited you have become a member of Enfinity's Masters Swim Program.