Champs and MoC

If you are new to swim team, you may have heard the terms "Champs" and "Meet of Champs" being thrown around.  What are they?  What is the difference?  Read on to find out…


Gold Rush Conference Championships ("Champs")

Saturday/Sunday July 28-29th, 2018 - Charles Brooks Community Center, Woodland - 6:30 AM - 6:00 PM


Gold Rush Championships, or "Champs", is the capstone event of the swim season.  All swimmers are expected to attend (you must have competed in at least 2 League Meets to be eligible), and parent volunteering is required.  Champs is a 2-day swim meet in which all the teams from our Conference compete against each other.  Both days consist of morning Preliminaries and afternoon Finals for the individual events, as well as a single Relays Final in the afternoon.  Day 1 is IM, Short Free, Back and the Medley Relay.  Day 2 is Long Free, Breast, Fly and the Free Relay.  The meet usually starts at 8:30 AM and completes by 5:00 PM on each day.


The coaches will determine all relay teams based on times and strategy.  However, all swimmers are expected to swim in all individual events during Prelims.  The overall fastest 10 swimmers in each Prelim event qualify for the Finals.  The next 2 overall fastest swimmers are designated as alternates in case a finalist does not show up or cannot compete.  Points are awarded to the swimmer based on their Finals results, and count toward both Individual High Points as well as the Team Score.


Champs is the final conference meet of the season.  It's what our swimmers and coaches are working toward all season long.  It is also a swimmer's final chance to qualify for Meet of Champions.  The energy, the competition and the bonding make Champs a fun and competitive event for everyone!  Swimmers unleash their full potential over these 2 days and that's a rightful way to end our regular season!  For all these reasons, one of our team's key goals is to WIN Champs!  This is why we expect all swimmers to attend Champs every year!


Sacramento Valley Meet of Champions ("Meet of Champs or MoC")

Saturday/Sunday August 4-5 - Charles Brooks Community Center, Woodland 7:00 AM - 6:00 PM


Meet of Champs is an "all-star" meet that brings together the top Sacramento Valley swimmers together for a true meet of champions. While MoC is not mandatory, the Folsom Tigersharks hope that all who qualify will attend. There are two ways to qualify for MoC:

  1. Swimmers that make Finals (Top Ten) at Gold Rush Conference Championships (Champs)  automatically qualify for Meet of Champs (MoC)
  2. Swimmers that meet the required time standards put forth yearly by the Meet of Champs Board of Directors. Click here for 2017 Qualifying Time Standards.

All swimmers who qualify for MoC are given a special MoC swim cap by the Tigersharks signify their accomplishment.


Folsom Tigersharks parents of swimmers that qualify for this MoC will be expected to volunteer a minimum number of hours throughout the two days.  MoC schedule and format is similar to Champs (Prelims and Finals over a 2-day weekend).  High points are awarded to individuals as well as applied toward the Team score.  For more MoC information, visit