Volunteer and Parent Requirements

 Meet Attendance, Volunteer Hours, Family Conduct

Meet Commitments/Attendance

  • Tigersharks team standings in the NCSL league are based on attendance of our swimmers at meets, so swimmer attendence is critical to the continued success of our program.
  • Tigersharks competitive swimmers are required to swim in 3 dual meets plus participate in the end-of-season conference meet (“Champs”).
  • Meet declaration deadline for your swimmer (IN or OUT) is the Monday before the meet unless otherwise specified.

Volunteer Hours

  • 15 volunteer hours required during the season (April - July)
  • Families with only High School Swimmers (15-18) are exempt from volunteer hours requirement!
  • Volunteer Registration Deadline Will Be Thursday before swim meets
  • Volunteers are required to work at least 1 shift per day on both days at league championships (“Champs”) with exception of 6 & Under.  The volunteers with 6 & Under swimmers only are required to work 1 day at league championship.  This shift does not count towards the 15 hour Tigersharks Volunteer commitment.

Penalty For Not Showing Up For Volunteer Shift

  • Parent hours are valued at $35 an hour for the obligated amount. Any unworked parent hours remaining after the last regular season practice (July 21, 2018) will be charged at $35 an hour to the credit card on file.  Any outstanding balances from previous season will be charged upon registration for current season.
  • For any shift that was declared to work but did not show up, one hour will be added to your volunteer requirement for the season. This is to cover the inconvenience to cover your shift and is in addition to the hours worked requirement.  This can be avoided by finding replacement for your shift and have it aknowledged by volunteer coordinator in writing.
  • Job commitments are locked in by Thursday night.

Family Conduct

  • The Folsom Tigersharks is a family oriented recreational swim program. Behavior that creates a negative, non-supportive environment around the parents, coaches, and swimmers will not be tolerated and may be grounds for suspension from the team and potentially the league. Examples include bullying, unsafe or reckless behavior on deck, negative or foul language, lack of respect for facilities, or publicly demeaning officials, coaches, board members, parents, or even swimmers.