Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Swim Meets

Swim Meets

What are the different types of swim meets?

There are 3 different types of meets that the Folsom Tigersharks will be competing in: Time Trials, Duel, and Conference Champs.

  • Our Time Trials meet only has Tigersharks attending, and it’s purpose is to build baseline times for your swimmer(s) and provide valuable experience for our swimmers and volunteers in a low key environment.

    • The Folsom Tigersharks has 1 time trial meet during the season

    • Only individual events are ran (no relays).

  • Dual Meets are our regular league competitive meets we hold during the season. Tigersharks compete against one other team in duel meets and attempt to outscore the other team based on swimmer places in the first “heat” of each event.

    • The Folsom Tigersharks have 6 dual meets during the season, some home and some away.

    • These are single day meets held on Saturday, running from about 7am to 2pm.

  • Conference Champs is the single end of the year swim meet where all 5 teams in the Gold Rush conference compete.

    • The Folsom Tigersharks has 1 conference meet during the season.

    • This is a two day event (Saturday/Sunday)

    • The champs format is different from duel meets and is a newer, exciting experience for our swimmers. The first session of the day consists of preliminary heats to find the top 10 “qualifiers” by fastest time. The second session for each day consists of finals for the top qualifiers and relays. It is not uncommon to have close to 800–1000 swimmers in attendance for champs.

In addition, you will notice we have “Invitational” meets in our event schedule. These meets are not league or team sanctioned, but do provide additional opportunities for your swimmer to compete. Note there may be some events at Invitationals that you do not see in our regular meets.

There is also one meet, Sacramento Valley Meet Of Champs (MOC). MoC is the “all-star” meet held after the season ends.  Swimmers are eligible to qualify to MoC at time trials. For a list of the MOC time standards, click HERE

And last but not least, our Sharkfins program provides an end of the season meet just for our Sharkfins swimmers to show off what they learned during the summer. The format is similar to our time trials event and gives some experience to our swimmers on what a real meet will be like when they graduate to our full program.


Where is the season swim meet schedule listed?

The season meet schedule is located in several places at

  • From our Tigersharks home page, click Meet & Events -> Meet Schedule

  • From our Tigersharks home page, click Calendar

  • You can subscribe to our meet calendar ICS file. The instructions from the web site team are HERE


What are "strokes", "events" and "heats"?

For dual meets in our league,  the order of strokes is the following:

  • Medley Relay (Free relay for 6&U only):  Four person relay team that swims (in order): Backstroke, Breaststroke, Butterfly, Freestyle

  • Individual Medley: Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke, Freestyle

  • Short Freestyle

  • Backstroke

  • Long Freestyle

  • Breaststroke

  • Butterfly

  • Freestyle Relay: Four person relay team swimming freestyle.

Note that the medley relay and individual stroke order is not the same.  Not all age groups swim all strokes.

Events are typically a combination of an age group, gender, and stroke.  For example "6&Under Boys Free" or "9-10 Girls Butterfly")

An event is made up of one or more Heats.  The number of heats is determined by the number of swimmers entered for the given event and the number of lanes available.  For duel meets,  only swimmers seeded in Heat 1 (fastest heat) can score for the team.


What does "Pre-Scratch", "Scratch", and "No-Show" Mean?

When referring to the Pre-Scratch program,  this program is built from the swimmers that declared to attend the meet.  The coaches then build their meet plan to provide the best outcome in competition, including building the relay teams and who swims in the scoring heats.

Especially because swimmers in a relay are counting on each other,  it is very important to make the best effort to attend the meet when you declare that your swimmer will be there!

That said,  we do understand that life happens.  If illness or some other unforeseen event will prevent your swimmer from attending,  then send an email to and we will Scratch your swimmer.  This scratch will be adjusted into the final meet program that is created after check-in.

A No-Show is entered when a swimmer checks into the meet but misses an assigned heat.  For our younger Tigersharks,  keep an eye on the scoreboard and listen for announcements on current heat and lane.  As your swimmer gets older,  help them pay attention for themselves ;)


My swimmer does not know a certain swim stroke but is scheduled to swim it during a meet? What do I do?

This is a common question from our new Tigersharks families.  The short answer is that their coach makes the ultimate decision on what events a swimmer needs to swim.

While there is some added pressure for our young swimmers during swim meets, swimming in a meet is a part of growing as a competitor... mentally as well as physically.  At the start of the season it is expected that stroke mechanics are not perfected, etc.  But your swimmer will get maximum benefit from our program by overcoming apprehension and pushing themselves beyond what what they thought they could achieve.

As always,  any concerns should be discussed with your coach... working a plan that you can both support will provide the best outcome for your swimmer.


How do I read a swim program?

Two swim programs are distributed each week before a dual meet:

  • Friday evening before the meet a pre-scratch program is emailed to the swimmer families.
  • Saturday morning, the morning of the meet, the final meet program is emailed to our families.  This program may be slightly adjusted from the pre-scratch to handle swimmers that were scratched.  We "reseed" the meet with the people that checked in and make adjustments to fill empty lanes and fix relays.


The meet program will look like so.  You will be looking for Event, Heat, and Lane information.

Some families like to print event-heat-lane information on their swimmers arm.  Be sure to only do this with the information in the final meet program!

Also listed on the meet program are records times, dates, and names:

  • NCSL:  League record
  • GoldRus: Conference record (we are in the Gold Rush conference)
  • FTST: Folsom Tigersharks Team Record
  • MOC: MOC time standard for this stroke.  Your swimmer has to meet or beat this time to qualify for MOC.