About the Pool

The Goldsboro Sharks (GOLD) hold their practices at the Goldsboro Family YMCA in the Raymond A. Bryan Olympic pool.  This pool is an 8-lane "L" shaped 50-meter pool that utilizes a removable bulkhead to switch between two 8-lane 25 yard courses and an 8-lane 50 meter course.  The facility also has a 6-lane 25-yard therapy pool that is used as a warm-down area during long course swim meets. The Family Y has hosted many large championships during its history including YMCA State Championship Upper Southeast Regional YMCA Championship, Greater Sunbelt YMCA League Championship, North Carolina High School Eastern Regionals, and the Dixie Zone Masters Championship.  The pool has been the site of many North Carolina Swimming State Records and Masters National/World Records.

Things to Remember

Pool Closings- Anytime the pool is to be closed a notice will be put up near the main door to the pool.

Swim Meets- When we host a weekend swim meet the entire Aquatics area is closed off to swimmers. You are welcome to go to the observation deck an watch the action or volunteer on deck as meet personnel.

Thunder & Lightning
As always the YMCA will close its pools and clear the deck whenever thunder
is heard or lightning is seen. They will remain closed until 30 minutes after the last time thunder is heard or lightning is seen.