Team Suit/Cap Policy

          NCAC Team Cap and Suit Policy All American Swim

Caps: In all competition if an NCAC athlete wears a swim cap he/she should only wear an official NCAC team cap. 

Caps in practice:  If an athlete wishes to wear a swim cap in practice he/she should wear an official NCAC team cap.

Fun Cap Friday: On any Friday during the year with the exception of swim meets a swimmer may wear a “fun cap.”  Kids may wear any design caps they wish i.e. holiday theme, favorite college team, or just favorite color.

Official NCAC Cap:  Our coaching staff will keep a stock of latex and silicone caps in our office and the family’s account will be billed. 

A coach will not leave the pool deck during a practice to retrieve a cap, please plan ahead and stock an extra cap in your swim bag. 

Suits:  All NCAC swimmers should wear their official NCAC team suit to all competitions that NCAC participates in. 

Our goal is to present a unified team at all of our competitions and to proudly display our team spirit. 

NCAC team suits can be purchased from our team supplier All American Swim Supply.
1231 NW Maynard Rd, Cary, NC 27513
(919) 439-8678

Championship Suits:  At meets that our coaching staff defines as a championship meet swimmers may elect to wear championship suit.  There are a number of specific suits on the market and range greatly in style and cost.  NCAC is proudly sponsored by Speedo and all of our athletes are encouraged to purchase speedo swim wear.  When making a decision to purchase a championship suit please seek suggestions from our coaching staff.  These suits are not required.

NCAC athletes under the age of 13 are not permitted to wear championship suits.  These specific suits are not designed for athletes of a young body type.  NCAC feels strongly that our athletes will benefit long term and need to continue to grow and develop before adding this variable.