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Over the last few years, we have attempted a few variations of volunteer credit systems which have not produced the results desired. 

The system of requiring members to volunteer their time either motivated by incentive or financial fee has only caused unnecessary stress, negative energy, and confusion for both the NCAC staff and of course our members. We have many families that give so much to our program but unfortunately, some have not jumped on board to help support the team. Our goal is to help educate our members of the importance of meets that we host as they provide opportunities for our swimmers to compete, offer opportunities for other teams in our LSC and surrounding area, bring positive attention to our program, and contribute a significant portion to our annual NCAC budget which allows us to function as one of the best programs in the nation. 

We must continue to work together committing our time and energy so that NCAC may host meets at a level consistent with the quality we have provided over the last 25 years. The drive to fulfill volunteer requirements and or avoid fees has consumed the more important nature of the need. Our priority is to educate and motivate our members to seek out opportunities to help our program rather than have to form policies or finance fees.  With this approach, we believe there will be the potential for a much more positive desire and aspiration to service our program and its needs. 

Moving forward we plan to do away with any version of our previous approach of a volunteer policy.  There will be no verbiage regarding requirements, policy, fees, etc… In its place, we will better educate the necessity of responsibility, assistance, pride, support, and obligation.

The voice our members hear regarding this subject cannot always be the Head Coach or the NCAC staff.  Each practice group will have a representative to serve as a group liaison. This individual will help rally members from each group to sign up for the meet positions as well as help educate the group members of these roles and there descriptions.  The coaching staff may not always comprehend the parental perspective and all the activities you all have outside of NCAC, having these liaisons support, voice, and persistence should prove to be very helpful in our collective effort.  This approach should also bring the task down to scale so that we can approach from group to group rather than the entire team with generalizing statements and policies.   

We will continue to use our job sign-up pages for the organization and we will be able to give you active feedback on how your group is doing.  These liaisons will actively communicate with the group to make sure all are informed. 

We look forward to moving forward with a more positive approach this season, thank you all for your continued support!

We are already in contact with Liaison candidates and will communicate with these representatives once they become final.