Coaching Philosophy

At NSS, the coaches take pride in developing conscientious, considerate young people who achieve goals with a disciplined approach to fulfilling potential.  As 12 & unders, we expect our swimmers to have fun, enjoy learning and have time to experience other activities so when they are 13 & older they can make an informed, mature decision to increase their commitment level to our team, and the sport of swimming.  We strive to ensure our young swimmers develop good habits in practice and at meets, so they can perform with confidence and fully enjoy the value of their time in the pool.  When our swimmers are 13 or older, they embark on a more goal-oriented path towards maximizing their capabilities as a student athlete and competitor.  Along with many other life lessons swimming provides, we try to instill a strong work ethic and a level of dedication to priorities that will help our swimmers excel and successfully conquer challenges in school, swimming and life.