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Established in 2012 to enhance performance at the top levels of our program for both age group and senior level swimmers.

GCY Swim Team Descriptions – National Teams

  • We teach first, even at our highest levels. We follow the latest in swimming technology, and apply it to our everyday training.
  • We train. Kids in this group have reached Olympic Trials, Senior Nationals, Summer Juniors, Junior Nationals, USA Futures, and YMCA National time standards – “ATTITUDE & EFFORT”
  • At YMCA Nationals, we have had multiple national champions, national finalists, and national relay finalists.
  • WE BELIEVE the premise that test sets build mentality, which IS AS important as the physiological gains!
  • 11 workouts offered, 6-9 Workouts per week for National Group (primarily HS) & 5-8 Workouts per week for National Prep (primarily MS, some high school, will vary depending on National 1 & 2 groups).
  • We aim to educate our athletes to a point where they develop an understanding of the sport, while ENJOYING the process of a shared experience with teammates.
  • IMX Series of Events are the immediate focal point of our training and conditioning.  We focus on freestyle, IM, and best stroke, which often changes.
  • Dry-land everyday, usually on deck before, after or during practice and enhanced dryland Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday separate from swimming each week.
  • Swimmers in this group who do not drive themselves to practice beg their parents to take them and get upset when they cannot attend They are not dragged into practice.

Swimmers in these groups study film, and become students of the sport, here are some examples:

Swimmers in these groups set individual goals; here is a copy of our most recent goal sheet:

  • NATIONAL TEAM GOAL SHEET (varies yearly)

Swimmers in these groups have team meetings; here is an example of one of our Team Meeting Power Points:


CLICK LINK BELOW IF YOU DO NOT MEET THE REQUIREMENTS OF THESE GROUPS BUT FEEL AS THOUGH THIS IS WHERE YOU BELONG (form should be filled out and completed by the swimmer, and attached to registration form)


National Prep and National: These groups are comprised of swimmers who have a history of advanced training and have shown a commitment to achieve their maximum potential and beyond. Practices will focus on preparation for success at local, state, regional and eventually nationally recognized meets. Swimmers have already shown they are able to balance practice requirements and school before being considered for this group.  

Meet attendance is expected. All swimmers will compete in every offered individual event each year at least two times (all are already age appropriate for minimum grade level).


CLICK HERE FOR THE REGISTRATION PAGE (includes schedules, locations, pricing, group descriptions)