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Who do I contact for what?

Here is breakdown of the GCY Staff contact list for specific and all general issues.  

Is YMCA membership required, even for Mako Swimmers?

Yes, we changed this in the Fall of 2016 and here is why: All of our competitive swimmers have always had to have a YMCA membership, at the minimum a $15/month youth membership. Over 70% of our Mako swimmers were already members anyway, and by making it a requirement for that group it allows ALL swimmers to participate in CLOSED YMCA meets, including those at the GAC. In addition, we priced MSL at just $39/month to account for the extra $15/month you are spending, plus it gives you membership privileges to our YMCA's Mako swimmers may also participate in selected Friday make-up days at several location options, and do our Saturday morning practices at the Bryan YMCA.

Here are the meet schedules available to our swimmers (expect slight adjustments through early August):

Current Season:

2020-2021 GCY Information

2018-2019 GCY Meet Schedule_Competitive Groups - Age Group, Senior Prep, Senior, National Prep, National 1, National 2, and all swimmers who are USA Swimming Registered (higher registration fee of $110 or $125)

2018-2019 GCY Meet Schedule_Makos Groups - Jr Makos, Makos 1, Makos 2, Makos Fit, and Homeschool (all swimmers NOT USA Swimming registered, who paid the lower $35 registration fee)


Can you still compete seasonally?

Yes, all of our programs are monthly, and you may stop at any time with 30 days notice by completing and sending in our cancellation form (email Cynthia Shannon at [email protected] to request). You may also put your membership (YMCA or GCY) on hold for a period of up to 3 months if you know you are coming back anyway. You may also start our program at any time, but we recommend starting in the Fall and swimming all the way through!

We had a lot of "Bonus Benefits" and other options at GCY, including the ability to swim mornings only, flex Friday, block start Saturdays...are these still available?


Is financial assistance available with all of our programs?

Yes, in terms of the monthly or session fees.  Please see our OPEN DOORS APPLICATION for financial assistance with all of the GCY programs, including Seasonal, Competitive, Flex Options, National Teams, and Masters. Our registration fee, is a different process; it is reduced by $57 (total of $38) IF a free or reduced lunch letter from your child’s school is produced. At this time, the meet fees are the only fees that are not adjusted for financial need.

Is participation in swim meets required?

No, but participation is encouraged, especially with our home meets. At the National levels, meet fees ARE included in the monthly fees, and those groups are expected to participate in our scheduled meets. Seasonal swimmers are also now eligible to participate in our many meets, see the new schedule above!

How do you sign-up for a swim meet?

Once a meet is open, you will receive an automated email with the meet deadline.  All of our meets you must log in to your account and click ATTEND or DECLINE, and you may even select your events (coaches have final edit).  You will not be entered in a meet UNLESS you login to accept the meet.  Meet fees apply and vary depending on the meet.

Why was National groups separated, and what is National 1 and why is it priced the same as National 2?

The National group will stay as it was during 2015-2016, but because of the emergence of consistently competitive high level swimmers at the national level, more appropriate separation will be emphasized depending on specific practices, stroke, practice speed, and levels.  ALL swimmers here should be ready to train, learn, and race!

Simply Put:

  • National 1 - Trying to MAKE the YMCA National time standard.
  • National 2 - Focuses on PERFORMANCE at YMCA Nationals and other national level meets.
  • Both groups - performance at December champs as well as NC Senior Champs (and/or NC 14&Under Champs) is still emphasized.

4 Separation Phases:

  • Daily (IM, Free, General) - Fast to Faster to Fastest across the pool (lanes even skilled)
  • USRPT - Fastest to slowest each lane (push off with app levels)
  • Stroke Specific/Distance/Sprint - Same as "Daily" but reclassified depending on strengths
  • Specialty/Big Meet Focus - Late Nov/Early Dec, Feb, Mar, then again in July

Are National and National Prep swimmers still "auto-entered" in every meet?

No, this system worked great but nearly every meet a few swimmers forgot to decline, and our club was still stuck with paying the unnecessary meet fees.  Meet fees included in your monthly fees is an incredible feature that we will continue to offer, but you must personally log in and sign up for the meet you wish to attend before the deadline.

Why are meet fees included with the National and National Prep groups, but not with the other groups?

We expect a higher level commitment from swimmers in the National groups, including practices, meets, and group functions. These swimmers often compete against competitors who practice 6-8 times/week, and we established these programs to be competitive all the way through the national level (age group rankings, YMCA Nationals, Junior Nationals, Senior Nationals, and Olympic Trials).

Do you have to be a YMCA member to participate on the team at GCY?  What does the YMCA membership give you?

YES, but our fees are reduced to account for this and you have the added benefit of membership to a great organization! The YMCAs all over the country require this in order to be eligible for competition. Swimmers have access to the gyms, fitness, energy factories, swimming pools, and all the benefits of being a member of the YMCA (12 & unders require supervision).

Can I use my bankdraft information from last year?

No, each season is separate. We must collect new information each year.

Do I have to pay by bankdraft?

Yes, unless you pay in full. You may pay for the entire season up front (registration fee + 11 months or 9 months depending on level). There is 5% discount on the 9 or 11 month fee when paying for the entire season. Just like the YMCA membership paid annually, it is non-refundable.

Can I pay each month over the counter?

No, with over 300 swimmers in the GCY program, we do not have the staff to process individual payments monthly and keep your costs reasonable.