Year Round Squad Dues & Fees

Sandhills Sandsharks, Inc.

2017-2018 Dues & Obligations

Included below:

  • All meet fees (entry and events)
  • Basic team uniform--swim cap, T-shirt, Competition suit
  • There are no other required fees throughout the year, exclusive of optional social events and travel fees for swimmers riding with the team to meets (13 & over swimmers only for most meets--we may take a bus for one meet and younger swimmers may be able to ride it).
  1. All fees from prior season(s) must be current for any returning swimmer to register or swim.
  2. Returned Check processing fee is $35.00
  3. Families with multiple swimmers will receive a 15% discount on the Annual Dues amount paid for second child; 25% for third child; 50% for fourth child.  The discount will not apply to the Annual Dues charged for the most advanced swimmer.
  4. One Family Fundraising amount is assessed to each family regardless of the number of registered swimmers in the program.  Each family agrees to commit to raise the assessed Family Fundraising. The Family Fundraising amount is based on the most advanced swimmer for families with more than one swimmer. 
  5. Open Water Meets-
    1. September-Senior Squads and Parents are required to participate. Non-participation fee is $200.00. 
    2. June Open Water- All Squads and Parents are required to participate.  Non- Participation Fee is $450.00.
  6. The first payment of Annual Dues is due at registration.  Monthly Payments are setup for 9 payments and Quarterly Payments are setup for 4 payments.  Family Fundraising will be invoiced and due July 1. (Open Water Participation is required; therefore, the participation is not credited toward Family Fundraising.)
  7. Age Group 3 contracts are for 9 months; All other YR Squad contracts are for 11 months, regardless of payment schedule chosen.
  8. Contract summary is listed here:  Contract summary

Registration fee for all Squads:  $370.00 ($300.00 SSS + $70.00 USA Swimming)

Age Group 3 Dues and Payment Options:

Annual                  $ 1000.00    1 Payment                                    Family Fundraising              $250.00

Monthly                $    112.00     9  Monthly Payments

Quarterly              $    250.00     4 Quarterly Payments

Age Group 2 Dues and Payment Options:

Annual                 $ 1,200.00  1 Payment                                   Family Fundraising              $300.00

Monthly                $ 134.00      9 Monthly Payments

Quarterly              $ 300.00    4 Quarterly Payments

Age Group 1 Dues and Payment Fees

Annual                 $ 1,575.00  1 Payment                                    Family Fundraising                $375.00

Monthly                $ 175.00    9 Monthly Payments

Quarterly              $ 393.75   4 Quarterly Payments

Senior Prep Dues and Payment Options:

Annual                  $ 2,270.00    1 Payment                                     Family Fundraising                $425.00

Monthly                 $   253.00   9 Monthly Payments

Quarterly              $    567.50  4 Quarterly Payments

Senior/National Team Dues and Payment Options:

Annual                 $ 3,120.00   1 Payment                                      Family Fundraising               $475.00

Monthly                $ 347.00     9 Monthly Payments

Quarterly              $ 780.00    4 Quarterly Payments