Google Calendar Helpful Tips

Helpful Tips for Using / Syncing Google Calendars


  • As with all new tech features, be patient.


  • People who already have gmail addresses and/or already use Google Calendars will have the easiest time adopting the Titans Calendars on your devices. And Google Calendars is widely praised working across a variety of device types (Android, Samsung, etc.) and software types (iCal, etc.).

    For example, I typed the question, “Can I use Google Calendar with other devices?” and got the following Help response with information and links.




  • When in doubt: Google It. Try the following link to reach Google Calendar Help where you can find dozens of common questions or type your own.




  • You do not have to use Google Calendars or have a gmail address to access the Titans calendars.


For example: If you use iCal instead of the Google Calendar app, here is a helpful link for syncing your calendars across devices to iCal (and there are others for different calendars on Google Help):




  • All of the Titans LCM Calendars will be accessible from the Titans website for quick and easy reference if you choose not to use Google Calendars or integrate them with other devices / apps of your choice.


  • Again, be patient. Sometimes the calendars do not immediately appear on your device even after you have subscribed. You can try several basic things like clearing your browser search history (to remove cookies that can interfere with the interface), logging out of the app you use to access your calendar and logging back in, and clicking on “Others” in your own list of calendars.