Seasonal - Winter

Tidal Wave Aquatics is a new USA Swimming club that provides technical development and racing skills for all age levels -- beginner to advanced -- to Masters. No complicated or confusing practice groups and no additional health club fees. Our coaches share a passion for swimming and work tirelessly to inspire the minds and heart of swimmers, and foster lifelong champions of the sport.


Schedule Time Monthly Fee Annual Registration Fee
Tues/Thurs 5:45-6:30 pm $65 $140

This group is for those who are newer to the sport of swimming. The focus is stroke development, introduction to drills, and of course having fun! Ripple meets two times per week for 45 minutes per practice. Ripple Requirements: Participants must demonstrate the ability to swim a continuous lap of "face-in" freestyle and a continuous lap of basic backstroke.


Schedule Time Monthly Fee Annual Registration Fee
Tues/Thurs 5:40-7:00 pm $85 $140

This group is ideal for swimmers between Ripple and Grinder groups. Practices are longer than the regular Ripple group and comparable to the Grinder group (only 2x per week on Tues/Thurs).


Schedule Time Monthly Fee Annual Registration Fee
Mon/Wed/Fri 5:40-7:00 pm $100 $140

This group is designed for swimmers who have some prior swimming experience. Grinders are strongly encouraged to attend all practices (3x per week on Mon/Wed/Fri). These swimmers should possess knowledge of basic drills and stroke technique. Swimmers will be introduced to more advanced drills and technique throughout the season. Grinders will have a heavy focus on drills in order to develop correct strokes which not only make the athlete as fast as possible but also as injury free as possible. Dryland exercises may be incorporated to teach balance and form. Everything which encompasses this group will be done to keep an athlete enjoying the sport while achieving performance goals.


Schedule Time Monthly Fee Annual Registration Fee


5:40-7:20 pm
Sat - TBA
$135 $140

Rip Tide is a dedicated five-day training group. It's ideal for athletes advancing from Grinders or a flexible option for junior/senior-level swimmers. Rip Tide swimmers should be proficient in basic drills and have the ability to perform advanced drills. Race plan development will be implemented to improve competition performance. All aspects of health, nutrition, and fitness will be covered in an effort to develop finely tuned, injury free athletes, who are capable of performing at a very competitive level. Dryland exercises will be incorporated.


Schedule Time Monthly Fee Annual Registration Fee


5:40-7:20 pm
Sat - TBA
$150 $140

Point Break is for junior and senior-level swimmers ready to commit to a high-performance training program. Six practice sessions are offered per week. All aspects of health, nutrition, and fitness will be covered in an effort to develop finely tuned, injury-free athletes, capable of performing at an elite level. Dryland exercises will be incorporated at least two days per week.

As senior leaders of our program, a high level of maturity and character is expected out of these athletes, as they will serve as the role models to other training groups.

Terms & Conditions

Annual Registration Fee
First-time USA-S members and returning TWA members

Every new/returning swimmer is required to pay a non-refundable TWA registration fee. The 2016 registration fee is $140 and includes USA Swimming registration*, team t-shirt, team cap, administration costs, awards, etc.

*USA Swimming (USA-S) membership is an annual fee that expires December 31 of the calendar year. The USA-S annual fee is not prorated based on start-date. Therefore, renewals will be charged in December for the next calendar year membership unless the new membership was initiated on or after September 1 of the calendar year.

For more information about registration, please contact the club registrar, Victoria Sever, 401-246-0082 Email

Transfer Annual Registration Fee
First-time USA-S transfers only

Any current USA-S member, in good standing, may transfer membership to Tidal Wave Aquatics. The 2020 registration fee is $85 and includes team t-shirt, team cap, administration costs, awards, etc..

A North Carolina Swimming Transfer Request Form is required for any swimmer that is currently registered with another USA Swimming Club.

Per USA Swimming, transfers are subject to a 120 day “unattached” period. A swimmer in “unattached” status can still practice with the team, be part of team activities, and participate in competitions!

An unattached swimmer cannot score points, post time as a team member, or compete in any relay at Championship meets. Regular calendar meet host may allow unattached swimmers to swim relays, but those times would not be entered into SWIMS as a time for a team and would be considered exhibition.

Winter Membership Season & Fees
Season is defined: Sept 1-March 31. Monthly fees are based on each enrolled member per the designated practice group. Registration with Tidal Wave Aquatics constitutes an agreement to pay all fees and costs, in-force, FOR THE DURATION OF THE SEASON unless membership is terminated. Termination fees will apply - see our Termination Policy for more details. If an enrolled member changes practice groups during the season, the monthly fee will change accordingly. Participants are required to be a year-round registered USA-S swimmer.
Year-round Athlete Form

Termination Policy
In the event of termination, refunds are not available. 30-day advance notice is required. Less than 30 days, families will be required to pay one (1) month termination fee equal to the enrolled member per designated group. Families that terminate membership and rejoin TWA will be required to repay a $75 rejoining fee per member.

Swim Summer - No Summer Registration Fees!
Any registered TWA member registered as Seasonal-Winter and in good standing, may extend membership to Seasonal-Summer with no additional registration fees. Monthly fees based on practice group will be applied for the duration of the summer program.

New Members and Wait Lists
New members must become a member of USA Swimming. TWA will accept registrations any time unless the desired level is full. If a level is full, interested participants can be put on a wait list. A one-time $50 non-refundable deposit is required to join the wait list. The deposit will be applied to the annual registration fee upon membership.