Watauga County Parks and Recreation will now be requiring that all of our WST swimmers have a membership pass.  This has been discussed for quite some time; know that the Board has delayed this as long as possible.  Watauga Parks and Rec will manage this, so please plan to pay them--and not WST--for the membership pass.  You may obtain a pass by going to the front desk at the swim complex.  Our swimmers may use the pool outside of practice any time "public swim" is offered by the complex.  Here are their fees, in detail:

You may click on "Pool Schedule" on the same link to find out when public swim times are.

For families with more than one swimmer, the most cost effective membership to purchase will be the "Adult (Individual)" membership, which includes swimming for all children in a family.  It is $35 for 1 month, $84 for 3 months, and $147 for 6 months.  The latter would mean $294 for a year.  Families who swim for the short course season only could purchase a 6 month pass and then a 3 month pass (or a 6 moth pass, and monthly after that).

For families with one swimmer, if there are no adults in the family who wish to swim at the complex, the most cost effective membership to purchase will be the "Youth (2-17 yrs)" membership.  It is $20 for 1 month, $55 for 3 months, and $102 for 6 months.

This policy is new to both WST and the swim complex staff.  Please bear with us as we all adjust to this.  This new fee requirement comes from Watauga County Parks and Rec.  Your WST monthly dues (which pay for lane time and coaching) and the annual USA Swimming fee will remain unchanged.  Scholarship money is available to help with WST monthly dues. Please contact Head Coach Nate Fields for more information about scholarships.

1) Annual USA Swimming membership fee: $88.  This is due by no later than Dec. 1 (we begin collecting this in October).  This provides an insurance policy for every swimmer (your child will also receive Splash magazine every other month).
2) Monthly dues: Blue Gills $55, Sea Turtles $55, Wave Runners $65, Seniors $75. 
3) Meet fees: vary per meet.  Meet participation is voluntary for the beginner groups; however, we do have some guidelines for other swimmers.  These will be discussed with each group.
4) Fundraising requirements.  Vary--usually $50 per fundraiser w/ 1-2 per year.  Swimmers can raise the money, or families may pay it if they are unable to participate in the fundraiser.