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College Placement

For college placement assistance from the TYDE coaching staff, rising juniors should complete the following college choices questionnaire and return it to the TYDE Head Coach in the spring of their sophomore year. A follow up meeting with the swimmer and their primary coach will then be scheduled after receiving this form.

Here are some helpful links for our swimmers who are considering swimming in college. Our coaching staff expects to be involved in the process and is always able and willing to help, so please ask with any questions!

TYDE has a long history of graduating athletes who continued their swimming career in college. Below is an incomplete list of WSY/TYDE alumni who swam beyond their days with our program! If you are a previous WSY/TYDE alumni who swam in college, please email us with your name, year of graduation from WSY/TYDE and college attended so that we can recognize you!


Class of 2015:

  • Rachel Brown- University of Pittsburgh
  • Meghan Joram- University of Pittsburgh
  • Elizabeth McCann- Lenoir-Rhyne University
  • Noah Medwin- Wingate University
  • Matt Regan- Davidson College
  • Lucas Rhodes- Wheeling Jesuit College
  • Ally Warnimont- United States Naval Academy
  • George Vlahos- University of North Carolina Wilmington

Class of 2014:

  • Parker Boutwell- George Washington University
  • Sam Day- University of Kentucky
  • Erin Polich- East Carolina University

Class of 2013:

  • Alex Marshall- Queens University
  • Maria Seward- Gardner Webb University
  • Mason Trivette- University of North Carolina Wilmington

Class of 2012:

  • Alex Fox – Washington and Lee University

Class of 2011:

  • Anna Blackburn – Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD)
  • Anna Blair Bullock – Davidson College
  • Chase Frazelle – Clemson University

Class of 2010:

  • Kelly Ann Baird – The Ohio State University
  • Jessica Frazelle – Radford University
  • Christian Jones – Tufts University
  • Eileen McGowan – College of the Holy Cross

Class of 2009:

  • Tyler Decker – Asbury College
  • Colin Sullivan – University of North Carolina (team manager)
  • Rachel Wilson – University of North Carolina Wilmington
  • Lindsay Yarborough – Catawba College

Class of 2007:

  • Megan Sayles – College of Charleston

Class of 2006:

  • Kyle Jones – Tufts University
  • Elizabeth Kirk – NC State University

Class of 2005:

  • Ashley Clay – Clemson University
  • Carrie Kibler – Gardner-Webb University
  • Noelle Martin – University of Michigan
  • Chase Montagnet – College of Charleston
  • Madeline Parra – Davidson College
  • Joy Prim – Pfeiffer University
  • Casey Weddle – -Columbia University

Class of 2004:

  • Kimberly Cober – Clemson University

Class of 2003:

  • Stephanie Ramsey – University of North Carolina Wilmington

Class of 2002:

  • Nikki Deering – Clemson University

Class of 2001:

  • Ben Humphrey – NC State University & University of North Carolina Wilmington

Class of 2000:

  • Kimberly Cober – Clemson University
  • Virginia Pate – University of Georgia
  • Lindsey Saufley – Virginia Tech
  • Brad Willard – University of Alabama

Class of 1999:

  • Jonathan Ferguson – University of Maryland

Class of 1997:

  • Jennifer Delong-Giefer – University of Minnesota
  • Adam Johnson – University of North Carolina
  • Lucy McFarland Shell – Pfeiffer University

Class of 1996:

  • Suzanne Black Wrighton – Southern Methodist University
  • Keleigh Peck – US Military Academy at West Point

Class of 1995:

  • Emily Cathey – United States Naval Academy
  • Jay Collette – United States Naval Academy

Class of 1993:

  • Alex Black – Southern Methodist University

Class of 1992:

  • Tracey Glazener – University of North Carolina
  • Jade Ramey – West Virginia Wesleyan College
  • Mark Toburen – North Carolina State University

Class of 1989:

  • Will Toburen – North Carolina State University

Class of 1987:

  • Marty DeBruhl – Brevard Junior College & The University of Missouri

Class of 1983:

  • Allison Lloyd – The University of Iowa

Class of 1977:

  • Bill Moore – University of North Carolina