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Gateway (Temporary)

Temporary Schedule for Gateway Swimmers as Repairs Are Made

The flooding a few weeks back left the Gateway YWCA with some severe damage to the electrical system and the pool remains closed. The repairs are estimated to take at least 6 weeks, if not longer. Because of this we have several practice groups that are going to be displaced for the first few weeks of the season. If your swimmer was registered to practice at Gateway, the modified practice schedule (with adjusted times and locations) for the first few weeks is listed below.

If you have any questions or concerns about the modified practice schedule, please feel free to contact or We will keep you updated on the situation at Gateway and will plan to return there on the originally posted practice schedule as soon as possible.

2018-19 Practice Schedule

Temporary Practice Schedule (Click to go to site)

 Temporary Location
 Bronze 3  M/Tu/W/Th/F  5:45-7:15 pm  William G. White, Jr. YMCA
 Bronze 4  M/Tu/W/Th/F  5:45-7:15 pm  William G. White, Jr. YMCA
 Silver 2  M/Tu/W/Th/F  4:30-6:00 pm  William G. White, Jr. YMCA
 Silver 3  M/Tu/W/Th/F  5:15-7:00 am  Winston Lake YMCA
 Silver 4   M/Tu/W/Th/F  5:15-7:00 am  Winston Lake YMCA
 Gold 2
 5:30-7:30 pm
 Gold 3
 4:30-6:30 pm
 Gold 4 
 4:30-6:30 pm
 Platinum 3   Tu/Th  5:15-7:00 am
 Platinum 4   Tu/Th  5:15-7:00 am
Practice Schedule is subject to change.