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Inclement Weather


In regards to severe weather, TYDE will generally follow the public school system where each YMCA branch is located to determine whether or not to hold TYDE practice. When the local public school system cancels school, announces early release or cancels after school activities, TYDE will also cancel practice. This includes early morning and Saturday practices.

On the occasional days when school is canceled and severe weather does NOT come as forecasted, we will attempt to provide afternoon practice if a coach can arrive safely at the branch. These situations will always be on a case-by-case basis and on questionable days, we will email all families by 2:00pm that day.

In the event of unexpected severe weather like a thunderstorm, the decision to open or close the pool falls directly on each YMCA branch. All of our sites, indoor and outdoor, WILL swim in heavy rain but will delay or cancel practice when thunder or lightning are present in the area. Per YMCA policy, in the event that thunder or lightning is heard or seen from the pool deck, the pool will be closed for 30 minutes from the last roll of thunder or from the last sighting of lightning. In these situations, calling the YMCA branch directly to see if the pool is open is the best option.

Swim meets are RARELY canceled due to weather because of the difficulty to reschedule them and, just like practices, swimmers are only encouraged to attend if they can make it to the pool safely.

Whenever possible, all cancellations and/or weather related changes will be posted to our TYDE facebook page, our TYDE twitter page, in the News section of our website and also emailed to all families. These team communication avenues should always be your first resources when checking the status of TYDE practices and/or meets during severe weather as they will always contain the most accurate and up-to-the-minute information.