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These videos and links are provided for the use of SWIM TYDE athletes.  As with all exercise routines, check with a medical professional or a licensed trainer before attempting if you are unsure of your ability to safely complete these exercises.



A two-month dryland plan for all TYDE swimmers to use as we wait to get back in the water.  The exercises and schedule were created by Mike Price, Head Coach, Abu Dhabi H2O Swim Club and shared with Coach DJ for TYDE use.  All swimmers are encouraged to use the schedule to stay in swim shape.  


SWIM TYDE Cooldown and Stretching Video

This Post-Workout Cooldown and Stretching video guide for daily and post-workout stretching was produced for members of SWIM TYDE and includes a set of 13 stretching exercises designed for head to toe.  Be sure to work both sides of the body equally.  Each stretch may be done for 20-40 seconds.  Coach Emiziah uses 30 second intervals for each stretch in the set.



Videos of ZOOM w/TYDE Dryland and Yoga sessions are posted to the page link.



Here's a list of exercises everyone can do no matter their age, skills, or abilities.
Created for TYDE by Strength & Conditioning Coach Emiziah Everwine.


Swimming-Specific Yoga Online Classes for Swimmers

With many individuals without a place to train, Swimming-Specific Yoga is offering two months (ending May 31, 2020) of free online yoga classes for swimmers - SWIMSWAM


Free Webinar Series

FITTER & FASTER is hosting free webinars for swimmers, parents, and coaches. Each online event will be on a different topic and for a specific audience group. Click here to register and see the full weekly offering.


WHAT: Webinars including presentations, demonstrations, Q&A, live polls, and more


LED BY: Elite Clinicians and experts in the sport
WHEN: Weekdays
WHERE: Anywhere you have internet access
WHY: So that you can continue to learn and improve from the comfort of your home

Every week, GoSwim presents a series of videos focused on one focused skill. Dig deeper into the fine points of swimming.  There is option of free or paid plan.

For the next few weeks, when you sign up for a free GoSwim account (or if you already have a free GoSwim account), you will have free access to ALL of GoSwim’s content. In addition, you will receive a daily email, with a link to a video, chosen as part of a weekly theme.


CG Sports Management Live Webinars:

Click HERE for last week’s live replays.

Click HERE for this week’s daily presentations.