Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the Mandan Marlins?

The Mandan Marlins are a competitive swim club. The Marlins are run by parents of the swimmers and are affiliated with the National USA Swimming Organization Swimmers are between the ages of 6 and 18.

Is there a fee for swimming with the Marlins?

Yes. There is a fee of $280.00 for the short course season and $140.00 for the long course season. There are a variety of payment plans available.  There is a $15 hospitality fee per family for short course, and $10 for long course.  Each swimmer is required to have membership to USA Swimming, which is $70/year.

How are the Marlins Funded?

The Marlins are funded through the monthly fees and also hold an annual Swim A Thon each year. We seek sponsorship from local businesses.  We work and sell items at our swim meets such as swimwear and programs with paid advertisements.

What is a "Short Course Season"?

The "Short Course Season" is November through March. The pool length is 25 yards. The swimmers and coaches refer to one length of the pool as a "25".

What is a "Long Course Season"?

The "Long Course Season" is May through July. The pool length is 50 meters (slightly longer than 50 yards).

What equipment does my swimmer need?

All swimmers will need goggles. Caps are helpful for swimmers with long hair. A good suit that is not very baggy is necessary for practices. Team suits are not required but may be purchased at the swimmers expense.

Do the swimmers need to participate in meets?

A swimmer may be a part of the Mandan Marlins without participating in meets. The fun of participating in meets is to show what you have learned during the practices. The Marlins host one or two meets per season and co-host the state meet on a rotating schedule. The swimmers who have eligible times will participate in the State meet within their age group. Meets are also sponsored by other clubs that the Marlins can participate in during the season. Watch for more information on upcoming meets on the bulletin board at the pool or check our website. You can check meet schedules and results at the ND Swimming website.

How do I register for swim meets?

Registration for meets is handled on our website.  Parents can pick events for their swimmers or allow the coaches to pick the events.  The coaches will put the relays together and the club will pay the relay entry fees. Families are billed for meets through their Team Unify account at the end of each month.