Training Groups

Training Group Descriptions

Age Group Blue (MWF):  pre-competitive swimmers (ages: 7-10)

  • Focus: developing good technique, basic conditioning, and proper lane etiquette 
  • Practice introduces simple sets; swimmers learn how to use the pace clock
  • 3 practices a week
  • Daily yardage: 1,500 
  • 30 minutes of each 90 minute session will be drylands designed to build a foundation of athleticism, body awareness, and coordination  
  • 60% attendance of swim meets during each season 

Age Group Yellow (M-F, Sun): competitive swimmers (ages: 10-14) looking to get their first B to A times

  • Focus: increasing yardage and conditioning while gaining a deeper understanding of stroke mechanics
  • sets will become longer and more challenging
  • more advanced understanding of the pace clock and intervals
  • at least 4 practices a week
  • daily yardage: 2,500
  • participates in drylands on top of 90 minute pool sessions 
  • 70% attendance for swim meets during each season. 

Age Group Black (M-F, Sun): advanced swimmers (ages: 10-14) looking to attend and score at New England Age Group Championships

  • Focus: learning to train properly by increasing the yardage and set complexity--building endurance while maintaining proper technique
  • can lead sets and run a warm-up independently
  • know pace times and threshold intervals
  • attends at least 5 practices a week.
  • daily yardage 3,500 
  • drylands becomes more focused and intense. Begins monthly testing.
  • 80% attendance of swim meets during each season 

Senior Green (M-F, Sun): intensely dedicated swimmers (ages: 12-18) whose goals include competing at high level meets such as seniors, sectionals, junior nationals, senior nationals, and Olympic Trials

  • Focus: peak performance for experienced swimmers who have demonstrated their dedication and willingness to take things to the next level
  • practices at least 6 times a week
  • daily yardage: 6,000-7,000
  • drylands takes the form of strength and conditioning
  • motto: train hard, rest harder! 
  • Attends 90% swim meets during each season