BAT Team Philosophy


Our team philosophy can be summed up in four words: small things, all things. 

How we do anything is how we do everything.

We seek to build the capability of each swimmer to be self-determining.

And we do so by putting the FUN in fundamentals.

Each swimmer is regarded as a unique individual who can develop their own goals in their own pursuit of excellence. This includes process and performance goals and how they want to carry themselves.

Through a developmental approach, we embody our core values of PREPARATION, PERSEVERANCE, and SAFETY.


The expectation is to do our best--ACTING FROM A PLACE OF CURIOSITY & CARE. That's where real learning can take place.

Practicing these things consistently in the sport of swimming readies each of our swimmers for the challenges and uncertainty they will face in life--providing a foundation for their growth through adaptive leadership.

Swimmers are encouraged in helping each other to improve and develop a strong self-image, good sportsmanship, and team unity during practice and at meets. The parents work together as a social support system for all of the swimmers so that each swimmer and family can benefit from the team.

Our Age-Group Program focus is on "Technique, Technique, Technique!" (a favorite expression courtesy of Olympic Great and true ambassador of the sport Matt Biondi.) We want our age groupers to SWIM PRETTY BEFORE THEY SWIM FAST! 

A focus on technique, mastering new skills, and learning how to learn enables our swimmers to effectively evolve in the sport. When they transition from age-group to senior swimming they are prepared to increase training intensity and volume and healthily absorb the training load.

Our senior program develops physically and mentally fit athletes so they can effectively build upon the technical foundation learned in the age-group program. Swimmers learn advanced racing strategy alongside the fundamentals of nutrition and recovery. Training in the water at this level is a balance between sprint, mid-sprint (aka mid-distance), and long-sprint (aka distance!) where each energy system requires a different understanding of grit and persistence. 

Our dryland program focuses on injury prevention and whole body fitness. Our work out of the water enables us fewer injuries AND faster starts, turns, pull downs, and underwater kicking. All of which are essential for long term success in swimming.

At BAT, practice is more than just swimming laps back and forth along the black line at the bottom of the pool. Each workout is designed to help each swimmer learn more about their own mindbody, stroke, speed, and feel for the water.

We honor every swimmer's efforts to realize their highest potential--both in and out of the pool.