Welcome Letter

Please find our Fall 2020 Welcome Letter here.



New Swimmer Packet

Welcome to the Belmont Aquatic Team! 

We hope you and your swimmer(s) will find this experience to be a rich one--full of personal growth, accomplishment, and fun.

Our aim is for your swimmer to build the will and capability to be self-determining in their own life.

This packet will provide basic information to give you a better understanding of our team and the world of swimming.  

Mission Statement

The mission of Belmont Aquatic Team (BAT!) is for swimmers of all ages and abilities to perform at their personal best in an environment that is educational, supportive, and fun. Through our core values of teamwork, preparation, perseverance, and integrity, swimmers will develop the capability to be self-determining in their own life.

Coaching Staff

Head Coach Bobby Yribarren - Platinum

Age Group Assistant Coach Nathan Barton - Bronze Dev/Gold Dev

Age Group Assistant Coach Amy Sheinhait - Bronze/Gold Dev

Coach Kim Dargon - Yoga Squad!


The sport of swimming can serve as a transformational vehicle. 
It is our belief that the skills and conditioning obtained in competitive swimming are more rewarding if they are directed toward a specific purpose—one that is defined and OWNED by the swimmer. Goals come in many forms:
   1. Performance based (times achieved)
   2. Process-based (mastering technique)
   3. Frequency of practice
   4. Punctuality
   5. Making friends
   6. Improving physical conditioning / mental health
Swimmers choose their goals to fit their needs. They often work best and are most meaningful when they come from within. Teammates are encouraged to help each other focus on their goals. This does not mean they should define your goals for you. But you can find out what your teammates goals are and help them along by directing their focus. Our aim as student-athletes is to build the capability to be self-determining in the endeavors of our choosing and to understand how we can contribute in a unique and meaningful way.


BAT divides its swimmers up among squads. There are 4 main squads: Bronze, Gold, Platinum, and Senior.  The squad in which a swimmer is placed is determined by maturity, age, and swimming experience.  There is also a national track, a sectional track, and senior track within the senior squad for swimmers who are training to qualify for national level swim meets, regional meets, and the state meet.  The Bronze Development Squad is offered for new swimmers as a transition period from lessons to the Bronze squad.

More information about each squad can be found at the BAT website (under Squads.)


Move-ups of swimmers from squad to squad are done by the coach and only at certain times of the swimming season.  Often, age determines when a swimmer moves on to the next squad, but other factors also contribute to the timing in which a swimmer moves on, or not--factors such as peer grouping and readiness both physically and mentally.  Parents are given advanced notice by the coaches letting them know that their swimmer will be moving up.

Trial Period

There is a one-week free trial period for any new swimmer who is interested in joining the team.

Registering and Payment

In addition to team fees, upon joining the team, every swimmer needs to be a registered USA swimmer. As a registered USA swimmer, swimmer insurance is provided and swimmers can participate in daily practice and sanctioned swim meets. The fee is approximately $80 and is good from September through August. Registration can be completed on the BAT website. Payment must be made at the time of registration via credit card. All members are required to sign up for ACH automatic withdrawal or put a credit card on file that can be charged for monthly dues payment. Please be aware that there is a 5% fee assessed to families who choose to pay their monthly dues payments via credit card. There is no fee for automatic (ACH) withdrawal from families' bank accounts. For payment set-up, specific payment information can be found on the BAT website once you are logged into your account.  For new families joining the team, payment set-up can be done at the same time as registration via the BAT website. 

Practice schedule

Practice schedules can be found at the BAT website (Schedule ⇒ Long Course or Short Course Practices)

Swim Meets

There are a number of swim meets during the year beginning in October and continuing through August.  Coaches encourage swimmers to participate in meets but they are not mandatory. Participating in meets is entirely voluntary, but BAT needs many swimmers to participate in meets to achieve TEAM success.  Other smaller meets are also a good introduction to how a meet works and coaches can recommend those as well.  All meets for the season are listed on the BAT website, with a link to New England Swimming. (All of this is on hold for now, but we are looking to fire up some one or two intersquad meets in in late fall.)

BAT Board of Directors

The BAT Board Meetings take place once a month. For now, this will be done virtually. Parents are welcome to come to meetings and encouraged to speak to the president about running for a seat on the board if interested. Board members and their e-mail address can be found on the BAT website.

Swim Gear

Swimsuits, caps, t-shirts, and other swimming products can be purchased through BAT. T-shirts and caps are usually available for purchase before and at meets. Coach Bobby can help with apparel orders.

Some Swimming Lingo

Short course:  Competitive swimming in which one length is 25 yards (or, less common in the US, 25 meters). 

Long course: Competitive swimming in which one length is 50 meters. 50-meter pools are also called "Olympic" pools. In USA Swimming, the winter season is short course, the summer season is long course

Heat sheet: A meet program which lists each event and the swimmers entered in that event. It will usually cost a few dollars to purchase a heat sheet. 

Seed time: The time submitted when entering a meet; used to "rank" the swimmer when assigning the heat and lane for that event. In most cases, it is the swimmer’s best time. When a swimmer has not swum the event before, the coaches usually send in an estimated time, though you may see NT (No Time) on some heat sheets. 

Timed Final: All entrants swim their event once and final placing is determined by time.

Prelims/Finals: A meet at which swimmers swim their events in the morning and then the top (the number varies) 6, 8, 12, or 16 swimmers come back later for championship finals.