Volunteer Policy

Crimson Aquatics Volunteer Policy 

Swimming is a great experience for children. It helps them to gain confidence, learn a healthy and active life style, and understand the importance of setting goals and how to react to performance appropriately. In order for the development to occur we need to provide our kids competitive experiences (swim meets). The better the experience at each meet the more productive the experience. Team dues do not cover the operating cost associated with the team. It is necessary to run meets so that the team can exist.

It is the responsibility of the host team to provide the best experience possible. As the host, our effort not only benefits our kids but all of the kids who participate. We will undertake these opportunities with a team mentality. 

Volunteer Shift Credits:

There are three (3) ways to earn Volunteer shift credits:

  1. Volunteer at Crimson Aquatics sponsored swim meets. Volunteer job sign-up is posted online prior to the meet. Volunteer participation is a critical component of a successful meet. Each family will volunteer 1 shift per swimmer entered on the meet. 
  2. Officiate 1 session per child entered in the meet.
  3. Pay $300 per child entered in the meet to assist in the operation of the meet.


  • All families are responsible for job sign-up online before the meet or event, signing in prior to the beginning of their shift, and signing out at the end of their shift. 
  • Volunteer activities and positions are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. 
  • The shifts are based on the forecasted duration of the session activity. Sometimes session activities will run longer or shorter than forecasted. The shifts completed are not based on the actual time, but are based on the specified hour allotment on the sign-up sheet. If the activity is running longer than estimated, you are expected to stay until the job is completed.
  • Families must choose their option at the time of registration. Accounts without declared volunteer shift will be assigned one from the open spots.

*There may be opportunities beyond what we have listed here. In each case we will be sure to advertise to families about those opportunities.



The following terms and conditions should be noted: