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EDGE Team Philosophy

The EDGE Swim Club has a philosophy that values all, demands excellence from each individual, and offers the very best in educational, nutritional, and swim training by utilizing the many amazing and professional resources available on-site, such as: physical therapy, dietitians, personal trainers, yoga instructors, and state-of-the art studio and fitness centers. 

At the EDGE, we firmly believe that a fun, family, and friendly culture can coexist within an elite select program that both encourages and produces swimmers who achieve success at the local, regional, national, and international levels.

To learn more about the EDGE team philosophy on the sport of swimming and the impacts the EDGE can have on its swimmers, click HERE.

Highlights from the document...

...provide the highest quality program to swimmers of ALL abilities and aspirations in Vermont for technique, strength, endurance, speed, and most of all, character and community development...

When an individual joins the EDGE swim club, they are treated as a highly valuable and important individual, but more importantly, they are welcomed to a family and community that values all with equal weight, regardless of their accolades.

EDGE swimmers learn the importance of time and effort, and that to achieve one's greatest worth, be it at school, at work, or in athletics, one must give both to their craft.

Winning the EDGE way is simple - you won if you know you gave it your all.