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EDGE Policies

EDGE Policies

It is the responsibility of all EDGE coaches, parents, and swimmers to be familiar with our team policies. Swimmers are encouraged to be aware of our team policies, and are responsible for being familiar with the team's general expectations.


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USA Swimming Rulebook* Locker Room & Monitoring

*USA Swimming Code of Conduct is article 304 on page 94


Your role as a positive and supportive figure for your athlete is essential to their success. Click HERE to read a letter from head coach Caleb Hall-Potvin, with regards to the parent's role at a swim meet.

General Team Expectations: 

  • Wearing the team t-shirt at swim meets is a requirement. No apparel from another team is to be displayed by the EDGE when at a meet.
  • Wearing the team suit is a requirement at all summer dual meets, Long Course invitational meets, and Short Course invitational meets.
    • Swimmers may elect to wear race/technical suits at championship meets.
    • At the head coach's discretion only, an exception may be made for invitational meets if the meet follows a trials/finals format.
  • EDGE caps only when on the EDGE swim club. 
  • If you purchase other EDGE apparel, display it at all meets you attend!
  • Shake hands after EVERY race.
  • Control your performance in your lane.
  • Have fun! How? Learning new skills and improving is fun. Encouraging and interacting with your teammates is fun. Participating at team functions and events is fun. Being on the EDGE Swim Club is fun!
  • Win the EDGE way - knowing you gave it your all, both in and out of the pool.
  • Treat all teammates with respect.
  • Treat all swimmers on other teams with respect - you represent yourself, your family, your team, and your community.
  • Treat EDGE staff and equipment with respect