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Injury prevention and treatment are of paramount performance with athletes - swimmers especially. While swimming is the most fun and safe sport, it is also an extremely demanding sport both mentally and physically. Swimming can be repetitive, and often uses very similar muscle groups intensely. Our coaching staff makes it their highest priority to instruct proper technique not only for efficiency and velocity in the water, but to help avoid any pain or swim-related injury. If your swimmer starts to feel pain when they are swimming to the point of having to compensate their stroke, limit their mobility, or be forced to kick and/or pull more often than they would like, we highly recommend and encourage seeing licensed physical therapists and athletic trainers.

Physical Therapy and Athletic Training will promote shoulder stability and balance the strength of the shoulder muscles thus mitigating the repetitive nature of the sport.  Many swimmers feel that with balance and stability restored, efficiency and velocity in the water improves.  We recommend the EDGE Physical Therapy program above all others in the area due to their amazing staff and incredible resources. Tori Lamphere, on-site at the Williston location, has worked in conjunction with the coaching staff to treat EDGE swimmers in the past with tremendous success.

For more information about Tori Lamphere, click HERE.

A letter from Tori to EDGE swimmers and families - A must read!

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  • Aquatics, Athletic Training, Massage Therapy, Postural Restoration, and Sports Physical Therapy are great specialties to read into as they can often relate to swimmers in need of treatment.