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Short Course

2017-2018 Short Course Season

Click HERE for the Register Page for more information on registering for an EDGE Swim Club training level

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Registration/Enrollment Closes: Friday, January 5th!

Our spring programs begin Monday, March 26th!

All new/interested swimmers are welcome to a two week trial period with the swim club.

The short course season lasts from around Labor Day through the beginning of March. To view our meets/event schedule, click HERE. Swimmers who achieve qualifying times for the Silvers Championship meet, will pay an additional monthly fee for the month of March for the meet. A variety of local and travel meets will be available to all swimmers participating in our program levels Pewter and higher! Practices are offered during the evening throughout the week, with some training levels being offered morning options. The team also partakes in training level, and full-program bonding activities.

Each month, parents will receive a monthly news bulletin which highlights upcoming events for our program, nutrition information and articles, training insight, and more, to keep our parent base the most informed in New England! We look forward to our continued excellence in the sport during the short course season and all the fun that will be had on the EDGE!

PROGRAM FEES & TRAINING LEVELS: Please click on the following links to learn more about each training level. Included in each level's description: ability, skill, and practice requirements; schedule; fees

Registration Fee: A registration fee is charged for each swimmer upon completion of the online registration. The regsitration fee, for all training levels, is $50.00. This fee is not included in the cost of the training level defined in the descriptions provided below.

Development: Preparation Level Pewter Level -- Bronze Level 

Select: Silver Level -- Gold III Level -- Gold II Level -- Gold I Level 

  • ​NEW 2017-18: Development programs offered more days during the week. Please follow practice requirements. Read the description links for our development levels for more information.
  • NEW 2017-18:​ Silver select program is now two practices, based on time of day. You register/enroll in a specific practice. You do NOT get to switch between the two practices. Once a practice capacity is reached, you must enroll in the other option. First-come-first-serve. Read the description link for the silver level for more information.
    • ​​At the head coach's discretion, swimmers may be asked to switch which silver level practice they participate in to ensure high quality instruction and organizational structure

DRYLAND: Click on Dryland: PARISI under Programs Offered for more information!

EDGE SWIM CLUB PERKS The EDGE Swim Club has access to some of the finest professional resources available in Vermont. In addition, we are the best swim program in the area to get the most bang for your buck!

  • We are the only swim program in Vermont that is all-inclusive!
    • No hassling for multiple checks, credit card transactions, and/or payments for each meet you attend
    • Team suit, cap, and shirts are all included!
    • USA athlete membership included upon registration
    • Average savings of over $350.00 for our development swimmers
    • Average savings of over $500.00 for our select swimmers
  • ​Registered Dietician, Jamie Sheahan.
    • Gold 1 swimmers have up to 3 individual meetings with Jamie included in their fees per calendar year.
    • Swimmers/parents who intend on arranging for individual meetings with Jamie: please note that Blue Cross Blue Shield is the insurance provider we work with and/or that there could be a fee associated with the appointments (if you do not have BCBS).
  • The EDGE Physical Therapy
    • Our professionals are on site for ailments and medical concerns swimmers may have. The PT staff will also provide free functioning movement screens to help the EDGE coaching staff identify areas of strengths and weaknesses when implementing our dryland programs.
  • ​State-of-the-art fitness centers, studios, PARISI Speed School, and Astroturf fieldhouse
    • ​We are the only swim program in Vermont that has as many quality resources at our disposal!

Swimmers in a variety of our training levels will have access to RYT instructors, instructing our swimmers to perform and benefit from the many benefits of yoga exercise.


  • Each training level lists the full and monthly payment amounts for both EDGE members and non-members
  • For swim team members making a full payment, no refunds will be given after 25% of the season (Friday, October 6th) for any cancelations or early finishes to the season.
  • For swim team members making monthly payments and concluding their training early, an early termination fee will be charged. The early termination fee is 50% of the next monthly payment, to be included in their final monthly payment. 
  • For swim team members making monthly payments and joining late, a late fee will be charged. The late fee will be 50% of a monthly installment, to be included in the first monthly installment paid for the swimmer's participation.
    • ​​One-time payment swimmers will be charged an equivalent "late fee" pro-rate.