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Please refer to this news page for information regarding news and announcements for officiating clinics. The following clinics are to become certified, or re-certified, as a "Stroke and Turn" official (S&T) or as a "Starter". A starter must meet the prerequisite of having been a S&T official for at least two years.

All meet staff are important in the successful running of swim meets, and the body of the sport of swimming itself. With the importance of card runners, timers, bullpen, concession stand staff, and other workers in-mind; there is no position more important than that of the official. With a shortage of officials, meets can be forfeited, or canceled! With an abundance of officials, meets are judged fairly and equally for all participants involved, safety for all athletes improved, and meets are likely to be run more efficiently! Officiating offers the best seats in the house, and is greatly appreciated by all meet management and coaching staff members!

At the EDGE, we understand the value of officials, and we display that in the following manner:

  • Each year (beginning September 1), the first EIGHT (8) officials to contact the head coach with their intent to officiate, will have their USA membership fees paid for by the EDGE.
    • If the online submittable form is not completed by October 31 of the given year, the offer expires and goes to the next official in line on the waiting list.
  • In addition to the early birds getting their USA membership covered, the EDGE will provide a 10% discount to all officials on their swim team program rates for all programs (except the summer swim team).

We hope EDGE parents strongly consider becoming an EDGE official, especially parents of swimmers ages 12 and younger who have a strong desire to continue in the sport. Continue reading for a FAQ section.

UPDATE 10/16: EDGE Parents:​ There will be an officiating clinic on Saturday, October 21st, at the Middlebury Town Gymnasium & Recreation Center in Middlebury, VT.

Date Clinic Flyer & Location RSVP Contact
Saturday, May 6th Middlebury Town Gymnasium & Recreation Center Steve Snider
Saturday, June 10th

Burlington YMCA Annex Building
Stroke and Turn Information
Starter Information

Jess Workman
Monday, July 10th Williston EDGE Jess Wokrman
Saturday, October 14th

St. Michael's College Hall of Fame Room
Stroke and Turn Information
Starter Information

Jess Workman
Saturday, October 21st Middlebury Town Gymnasium & Recreation Center Steve Snider

*More clinics will be announced ASAP! Stay tuned...

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Q: What swim experience do I need to be an official?
  • A: NONE! Any one with a passion for volunteer service can be an official. You will be demanded and required to be completely impartial and neutral at all competitions. We recommend that you feel comfortable with general concepts of the four strokes. You will learn a lot through the electronic course material and at the clinic. You can always ask questions and learn more!
  • Q: Do I need to officiate every meet?
  • A: No. We do ask that officials volunteer at meets they will be attending, however. The more officials we have, the less meets each official needs to work (you can relax and spectate, or better yet, volunteer as a timer or in a different position!). We are confident, however, that once you start officiating, you will like it and want to keep officiating!
  • Q: How do I get the 10% discount?
  • A: E-mail the head coach that you've attended the officiating clinic and are working toward becoming a USA certified official. The 10% discount does not apply to summer league only officials.