Refund Policy

Refund Policy
Freetown-Lakeville Warriors Swimming (FLWS)

Within the first 14 calendar days of the practice session

Any requests for refunds made within the first 14 calendar days of the practice session will be reviewed by the FFLWS Board on a case-by-case basis. The request should be made in writing, to the Treasurer of the Club, and the following general guidelines have been established:

Club registration fees: If a swimmer is injured or determines he/she does not want to continue within 14 calendar days after the commencement of the squad’s practice season, the FFLWS Board will consider a refund of 50% of the initial registration fee.  Team Administration Fees and USA Swimming fees will NOT be refunded, if registration has already been submitted to USA Swimming.

After the first 14 calendar days of the practice session

The Freetown Lakeville Warriors Swim Club has found it necessary to establish a firm NO REFUND POLICY concerning annual swimming dues and registration fees for swimmers who have registered with our club and have requested a refund after the first 14 calendar days of the practice session. Our financial commitments involve annual contracts based on swimmer registrations. Freetown Lakeville Warriors Swim Club is obligated to fulfill these contracts regardless of the number of swimmers we have in the water at any time.

We understand some of our swimmers will experience, at some time during the season, illness, injury, over-commitment, decreased interest, or disciplinary problems that may take them out of the water. While we regret these situations, NO REFUND OF REGISTRATION FEE AND/OR DUES ASSOCIATED WITH THE SEASON FOR WHICH THE SWIMMER HAS REGISTERED, can be made for swimmers who are out of the water.

Medical Exception

If a swimmer should experience a season ending injury or other disabling condition whereby, in a doctor’s written opinion, it would be detrimental to swim for the remainder of the current season, Freetown Lakeville Warriors Swimming will pause future monthly billing of dues commencing with the date of the medical note.  If payment was made in full at the beginning of the season, a credit will be held on the swimmer’s account for the monthly dues remaining, beginning with the first full month following the date on the medical note.

*Please see the Swimmer Code of Conduct, available at, for specific information regarding behavior expectations of Freetown-Lakeville Warriors Swimming.