Athlete Code of Conduct


Athlete Code of Conduct

As a swimmer in a GS Competitive and/or Pre-Competitive swimming program and as a member of the Greenwood Swimming, I agree to follow to the Conduct Rules listed below:
General Conduct Rules:

1. Promote teamwork, ethical sportsmanship, and the reputation of Greenwood Swimming with ALL swimmers, coaches, officials, and parents by demonstrating the values of honesty, caring, respect, and responsibility.

2. Whether competing in meets, attending meet-related functions, and/or traveling for competition or training you are representing both yourself and GS. Your behavior must positively reflect the high standards of the club.

3. Disrespectful, indiscreet or destructive behavior will not be tolerated. It is the responsibility of each swimmer to make every effort to avoid guilt by association with such activities at any time during the year.

4. Swimmers are to respect the personal property and swimming related belongings of other swimmers. Theft will not be tolerated and is subject to disciplinary consequences.

5. Swimmers are not to engage in inappropriate physical contact or sexual harassment.

6. Use of alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, and/or drugs (other than those prescribed by a physician) is unacceptable and will not be tolerated at any time during the year.

Swim Meet Rules:

1. Follow the team uniform policy and wear designated team suits and T-shirts during all competitions.  Your personal appearance shall be neat and appropriate.

2. Meet warm-up times are to be strictly adhered to by all team members.

3. Follow pool and event rules at all GS, NES, or USA Swimming sponsored/sanctioned events and at all related activities.

4. Swimmers are expected to meet with their coach before and after each event.

5. Team members are expected to check with coaches prior to leaving a meet. At times, alternate and relay positions open up that need to be filled; be prepared to swim.

6. In trials and finals meets, all swimmers who qualify to compete in finals are expected to participate in the finals unless excused by his/her coach. All team members should return to finals sessions to support the team.

7. As a matter of team pride and courtesy to the meet host, swimmers are expected to leave the GS team area in a neat and clean condition at the conclusion of each session of a meet.

8. All questions swimmers may have concerning meet results, an officiating call, or the conduct of a meet, should be referred to the GS coaching staff only. Our coaches, in turn, will pursue the matter through appropriate channels.

Team Travel Rules:

1. During the year, specific meets (Sectionals Grand Prix Junior Nationals, US Open, Senior Nationals) will be designated as mandatory team travel meets for National/Senior and Senior Developmental groups.. Additionally, training trips may be offered. Swimmers are expected to travel and stay with the team on all trips. Any exceptions to this policy must be approved by the Head Coach.

2. When traveling by team van or car, swimmers must wear seat belts and remain seated at all times.

3. Swimmers are expected to remain with the team at all times during a trip unless he or she is excused in advance by the Head Coach – even if traveling with parents. Swimmers are NEVER permitted to travel alone. Swimmers are not allowed to leave the pool, the hotel, or any other place at which the team has gathered without the permission of a coach or chaperone and accompanied by a buddy.

4. All swimmers, traveling with the team or with their parents,  and chaperones will attend all team functions and are expected to know all travel/meeting schedules and strictly adhere to them.  Coaches will establish warm-up times and other trip related timetables as needed.  Being prompt and on time is essential.

5. Hotel rooms and travel vehicles are to be treated with respect and kept neat.  Belongings should be kept together and all trash disposed of appropriately.  Any damage to rooms or vehicles will be the responsibility of the parties involved, including those guilty by association. Destructive behavior may result in swimmers being sent home early from a trip at the expense of the swimmer’s parents.

6. Male swimmers are not allowed in female swimmers’ rooms nor are female swimmers permitted in male swimmers’ rooms unless a chaperone (swimmers may not be chaperones) or coach has granted permission.

7. All swimmers are expected to strictly adhere to the curfew established by the coaching staff.  At curfew, all lights, TVs, electronic equipment, etc. must be turned off and no talking is permitted.

8. Swimmers are expected to be quiet and respect the rights of teammates and other hotel guests during evening hours and the rest time between trials and finals.

9. Telephone service beyond room-to-room service and in-room movies and video games will be disabled to all swimmer rooms whenever possible. If charges are incurred, they must be paid prior to curfew on the final night of the trip.

10. When group meals are contracted or arranged for with a hotel or restaurant, all swimmers and chaperones on the trip, including those traveling with their parents, are expected to participate in and share the costs of these meals.

11. All team members will be polite in restaurants, leaving a minimum of 15% tip for the wait staff.  If there is a problem with service, please inform a coach or chaperone.

Violation of the Code of Conduct:

At the discretion of the Head Coach designee, any or all of the following penalties may be applied:

1. Swimmer may be asked to sit out of practice and/or be sent home.

2. Swimmer may be scratched from a meet and sent home. Any extra expense (including airfare) it will be the responsibility of the swimmer’s parents.

3. Swimmer may be suspended from ALL team activities pending a conference with the Head Coach and implementation of appropriate disciplinary actions. This is automatic with violations of   General Conduct Rules 3 through 5.

4. Violation of  Team Travel Rules 3, 6, & 7 will result in the swimmer being suspended from ALL team trips for the remainder of the swim year and/or as determined by the Head Coach.