Level Pricing

Registration Fee- $175- Includes team registration fee, USA Swimming registration fee, and team shirt.

Yearly Pricing

Group Yearly
Development $1,250
Age Group $1,750
Junior $2,050
Senior $2,450
Senior Elite $2,750
College Swimmers $100/summer training- Senior meet* Registration
Masters $50/month or $5 drop in
High School Prep $350/session

Installment Payments

We offer a 5 payment installment option for your convenience. This not a monthly payment, it is the total cost of the training level divided into 5 payments for your convenience.

  September November January  March   May     
Development $250 $250 $250 $250 $250
Age Group $350 $350 $350 $350 $350
Junior $410 $410 $410 $410 $410
Senior $490 $490 $490 $490 $490
Senior Elite $550 $550 $550 $550 $550

Bulldog Aquatic Club is a year round team that competes and trains from September through July. We understand some athletes decide to play other sports as well at different times of the year or some athletes do not compete or train as often through the summer. However we do require the full season payment for all swimmers.

By registering for the Bulldog Aquatic Club, you are committing to the team and we are committing to you. Should you choose to discontinue enrollment with Bulldog Aquatic Club, the remaining tuition payment for the year is required to be paid in full, as well as any outstanding meet fees. Athletes will not be released to attach to another team until the outstanding balances are paid.