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Jolyn Suits

Hi, just so there is no confusion, --These Jolyn suits are for TRAINING ONLY.  They may not be worn at meets at anytime.  The girls like these for training as they are a comfortable, stylish suit.  Happy swimmers train hard :)

The required suits is a custom LSSC suit which is purchased on TEAM STORE, Top Tab on website.

The LSSC Senior girls have shown a strong interest in the Jolyn suits both onesies and two pieces. With the success of the LSSC two pieces last year we are looking to reorder them for those who missed the chance or may have aged up to (11-12, 13-18 girls only ) and can now order them. The two piece offers the girls a suit for open water training as well as a top to change into for in between races when wearing fastskins. The top is a tie back with front ventilation for water to flow through and the bottoms have drawstrings to secure the suit on their hips. There is a low and high waist option for the bottoms.

This year in addition we are offering a LSSC jolyn onesie for training to all girl age groups. It gives the girls another option to wear for practice as well as a warm up suit before putting on their fastskin suit. *However, these suits are not for racing!

The two pieces will be black with the LSSC logo on the right chest, which is pictured below.

The onesie color was decided by popular vote by the girls. The popular vote was the Chardonnay, with asphalt tie back straps, which is pictured below. The LSSC logo will be on the right hip.

The onesie will estimate $70, and the two piece (top and bottom) $65 (these are estimates and the price may increase or decrease slightly once hard numbers are in). When purchased this will be billed to LSSC account.
     To get this rolling, I am asking a few things in your email response to me:
  1. If you or your swimmer are interested in one or both suits.
  2. If yes what sizes you or your child would like for one or both suits (bottoms do run small).
  3. If the two piece, high or low raise bottoms.


LSSC jolyn onesie