General Information

Mei’s Typhoons Swim Club (MTSC) is a year-round USA-affiliated swim team that strives for excellence in competitive swimming. MTSC offers a complete swim program designed to develop swimmers of all ages and abilities, from the novice to the elite senior level. MTSC encourages a healthy relationship between parent, athlete and coach.

About  the coaches:

Head coach Mei Han was an elite swimmer in China, holding two national college records. Coach Mei coached the Henan province National Swim Team for five years in China before immigrating to the USA in 1991. Mei has coached MTSC since it was established in 2003 and won New England Swim Coach of the Year award in 2005. Mei lives in Longmeadow MA with her family.

Please feel free to contact her any time.

Mei Han

Phone: (413) 244-4063


Assistant coaches:

Diana Borys:

Diana Borys grew up and competed in Connecticut, representing the Watertown Warriors (high school) and Torrington Lazers (Y team) for the majority of her swimming years.

Since moving to Massachusetts in 2012, she has taught privately and is an assistant coach for the West Springfield High School Boys and Girls Swim Team. Diana is also one of the assistant coaches for the West Springfield Torpedoes Recreation Swim Team.

As a recent graduate from Our Lady of the Elms College, she is perusing a career in nursing, specializing in pediatrics. In her spare time she enjoys running and yoga.

Season Information:

The swim year is generally divided into two seasons. The winter or “short course” season (SCY) runs from late September until mid March. The meets are held in a 25-yard pool. The summer or “long Course” season (LCM) runs from April to early August. The LCM meets are held in a 50-meter pool. Some summer meets are offered in a 25-yard pool.

Swimmer Classifications and Practice Information:

The team has 3 classifications for swimmers in summer and 5 in winter;

Juniors 1: 1 & ½ hour practice. Generally for age 10 & under swimmers

Juniors 2 (or called Age Group 1): 1 & ¾ hour practice. Generally for age 11 and 12

Age Group: 2-hour practice. Generally for age 12 and older

High School Pre-Season (winter only): Can practice from September until the HS season begins after Thanksgiving.

High School Season (winter only): Can practice with MTSC for the whole winter season, usually only 1 or 2 days a week after Thanksgiving until the end of HS season (swimmers planning on swimming 3 or more practices a week should pay the Age Group classification fee).

All groups practice together at Springfield College, 263 Alden Street, Springfield MA 01109. Some practices are held at Quarry Hill Community School, 43 Margaret Street, Monson MA 01057 or at Elms College, 291 Springfield Street, Chicopee MA 01013.

In winter practice is usually 6.30-8.30pm during the week and early afternoon at the weekends.

In summer practice is 5:45-7:45pm during the week until mid-May when it changes to 3:45-5:45pm. At the end of June and for the remainder of the season, practice is at 7-9am. Weekend practices are generally scheduled during the early afternoon. There are typically 6 practices scheduled per week. Check the calendar often for updated times and venues.

Types of Swim Meets:

Regular Meets

These meets do not have qualification time standards and every registered swimmer on the team can swim events at the meets. Usually the meets offer each one of the 4 competitive strokes in 2 distances within each age group. Some events may be open to multiple age groups. Each swimmer can enter into a maximum of 5 events per day.

Championship Meets

These meets will usually have some type of qualification time standard that a swimmer must achieve in order to enter and swim at the meet. NESwim posts these time standards on their website each season for both LCM and SCY and they are in single age groups 9 & under, 10, 11, 12, 13- 14, 15-18 and Senior. The swimmers age on the first day of the meet will govern the swimmers age for the entire meet.  Go to and click on Times/Tools for New England Time Standards for qualifying times.

The fee’s for the meets are $5.00/event plus $1-$10 Swimmer Participation Fee and $1.00 NE Travel Fee.

Some of the championship meets MTSC swimmers participate in are:

* NE Regionals (winter only)

* NE Silvers (winter only)

* NE Age Groups

* NE Seniors

* Eastern Zones (Summer only)

* Futures (Summer only)

* Sectionals

* Junior Nationals

* US Open

* Olympic Trials

* Olympics

Team Suit/Uniform and Practice Equipment:

Swimmers must wear a team suit, cap and T-shirt at meets, all in good condition. There are a number of required equipment pieces that are used during practice. Please click on Equipment/Swimwear Ordering Info on this website for more information about requirements.

Stoke Clinics

For 5 days before the beginning of each summer or winter season Coach Mei holds a stroke clinic at Springfield College to focus on proper technique. The clinic is open to every swimmer, not just MTSC members. Swimmers on local recreational leagues and swimmers from other USA teams are encouraged to attend these stroke specific clinics. Each 2-½ hour clinic involves 30-40 minute classroom tuition, followed by in-pool instruction; one stroke per day plus a day concentrating on starts and turns. Coach Mei believes that the way to faster swim times is through having the best stroke technique possible.

For more information on stroke clinics, please see the stroke clinic page.

Dry land Workouts:

Once a week dry land workouts are held at DC Fitness, 175 Benton Drive, East Longmeadow MA 01028. Dry land workouts are highly recommended for all swimmers 11 and older.

Weekly dry land workouts are also offered by Coach Mei at the pool, usually before or after one of the weekend practices.


On a monthly basis MTSC has a yoga class at Heart Song Yoga, 264 North Main Street, East Longmeadow MA 01028.

Chair Massage

Swimmers’ shoulder is the most common injury amongst swimmers and a monthly chair massage is an effective way to prevent this. MTSC has a massage therapist available to give chair massages once a month, on the weekend, during practice.

*Dry land workouts, yoga and chair massages fees are all additional to the season team fee. Please check the calendar for dates and times.