Equipment/Swimwear Ordering Info

Dear MTSC Families:

Welcome to Mei’s Typhoons Swim Club.

There is an account at that will give our team credit for the purchase. Please use this  source for ordering. The link for that is below, and can also be found on the MTSC website by clicking on “Information” and then “Equipment/Swimwear Ordering Info”:


1) Competition Swimsuit – Arena or Speedo in blue or black (there is an Arena suit on the team store website). *If your swimmer qualifies for Junior Nationals or higher, they MUST wear an Arena suit*

2) Kickboard – Arena or Speedo.  Jr. or Adult Size

3) Pull Buoy – Arena or Speedo. Jr. size for 10 y/o and under swimmers. Regular size 11 y.o. and up.

4). Power Paddles – Arena or Speedo.11 y/o & under usually order small. Over 11 y.o., order medium.

5) Mesh Equipment Bag – Any kind you like

6) Finis Zoomers(fins) –size by your shoe size. Swim socks can also be purchased if the smallest size is still too large for your child.

7) Finis Swimmer Snorkel – Do not buy the Freestyle type. 9 y/o and under swimmer order the Jr. size

8) Training Suits – To wear during practice, your choice of color/style/brand. Our store will have “grab bag” Arena practice suits at discounted prices. Mei also recommends drag suits for 10 y/o & older swimmers.

9) Swim caps (available with and without last names). All caps have the team logo on them (MTSC) and are required to be worn at swim meets.

  • Order personalized caps at the beginning of the season from the MTSC store. These must be ordered in multiples of two. Cost is 2 for $36. NOTE:  Because of how long it takes for personalized caps to come in, they may not come in time for our first meet. These caps will be shipped directly to Mei, therefore you should not see any shipping costs when ordering.
  • If caps are needed during the season, Mei usually keeps several logo caps on hand that you can pay her for directly.  Cost is $15 per cap for silicone, $10 per cap for latex.

NOTE: Caps are only ordered once each season.  

10) Rubber band (for legs) -These are used during practices to hold the legs together during arm strengthening exercises, you can buy it  from the team store.

11) MTSC T-shirt (short-sleeve) – Blue or white, short-sleeved t-shirts are required for all swimmers. Please indicate color preference and size when ordering: Short-sleeved (Royal or white)*****

NEW FAMILIES ONLY: Mei gives one t-shirt to the parents of new swimmers. This is to be worn while working at our home meets. If you are new to the team, and ordering your free shirt, please indicate that in your whole order. When you order, please indicate which is your free shirt.

13) Laundry detergent cap – Used for backstroke drills. You can get this for free from a tide laundry detergent or similar type bottle.

Orders for equipment and swimsuits(#’s 1-9 above) can be placed directly at the team store.

Item 10 can be purchased directly from Mei.



1.Backpack(Optional) – (Arena Navigator) – Order through Team Store

2. Long-sleeved t-shirts with MTSC logo(Optional) - Royal or White ***** 

3. Team Towel(Optional) – Royal Blue with MTSC logo 34×70 

4. Adult Zip Hooded Sweatshirt(Optional) – Navy or Royal Blue with MTSC logo - order via Team Store online

5. Kids Hooded Sweatshirt(Optional) -Navy with MTSC logo - order via Team Store online.

6. Pinnie- Reversible mesh tank top(blue and white)with MTSC Logo (available in adult and youth sizes)-order via MTSC Store online

 And finally, be sure to label all equipment with your swimmer’s name in permanent marker (Sharpie). The younger swimmers, especially, frequently lose a piece of their gear and this helps to find the owner.