PHX Code of Conduct


Phoenix Swimming Swimmer Code of Conduct

As a swimmer & member of Phoenix Swimming (PHX), I will abide by the following code

of conduct:

• I will conduct myself with dignity and respect for others and for the property of others.

• I will be on time for practice, training sessions, and meets and if I cannot be, I will

communicate with my coaches.

• I will comply with all team rules.

• As a matter of team pride & courtesy to meet hosts, pool facility operators, & janitorial

staff member, swimmers I will leave the PHX team area in a neat & clean condition at

the conclusion of each practice session. I understand this also applies to pool

locker/rest rooms, bleacher areas, meet pool decks, etc.

• I will practice and teach good sportsmanship.

• I will promote positive team spirit and morale.

• I will offer congratulations and encouragement to his/her opponents.

• I will support my teammates at practice and at competition. Working together as a unit

will benefit each team member and is an important part of PHX spirit.

• I will follow verbal directions of the coaching staff. At no time will disrespectful attitudes

by any swimmer be tolerated.

• I will respect the rights and space requirements of other groups using the swimming


• I will follow the Code of Conduct at home, at away events and in all areas of my life

because I understand that I am always representing PHX.