Training Groups


This program is our introduction to competitive swimming. Our Pre-Elite swimmers have outgrown traditional lessons programs and are focused on establishing concrete technical fundamentals in all four competitive strokes through improved body coordination and awareness. Swimmers in this program are typically aged 5-9 or in grades K-4. They participate in meets as prescribed by the Pre-Elite lead coach as they demonstrate readiness to compete. These swimmers are working towards 8&U & 9 year old Regional Cuts.


Athletes in this program have a fundamental mastery of the technical foundations of all four competitive strokes. With their growing body awareness and coordination they will begin to focus on more advanced stroke techniques. Through continued emphasis and reinforcement of these skills, the athletes begin to take on more traditional training including but not limited to sets relying on the pace clocks, longer sets with multiple focuses and introduction to dry land training. At this level, the swimmers will start to understand their role as members of APEX Aquatics. Swimmers in this group are typically aged 7-11 or in grades 1-5. They have many meet opportunities throughout the season. These swimmers are working towards 10 year old Regional cuts and 9 year old Age Group cuts.

Age Group Junior:

In this program, athletes spend the majority of their time refining stroke mechanics by utilizing stroke drill progressions throughout the season and by developing the ability to align and merge technical changes with an improved understanding of racing and race strategy. We continue to define their role as members of APEX Aquatics through emphasizing accountability for set send offs within their lanes, developing a strong sense of good sportsmanship and healthy training habits. These athletes begin to demonstrate an ability to differentiate between long and short-term goal setting while continuing to advance their awareness of competition and teammate relationships. Swimmers in this group are typically aged 9-13 or in grades 3-6. These swimmers are working towards 10 year old Regional cuts and/or 10-11 year old Age Group cuts.

Age Group Senior:

It is in this program that athletes begin to see a shift in focus towards endurance. All endurance training is contingent upon their ability to use their refined stroke mechanics to build efficiency and power into sustainable healthy and progressive training habits. There is no shift away from technical development, however athletes will begin to see a balance between technical development and endurance. At this level they begin to solidify their roles as APEX Aquatics members not only in and out of the pool in training and regular season competitions, but also as members of our championship teams. Swimmers in this group are typically aged 10-14 or in grades 5-9. These swimmers are working towards 11-13 year old Regional cuts and/or 11-13 year old Age Group cuts.


In this program the athlete can expect to see their training schedule center around merging the development of solid, stable technique with an increased and progressive workload. Swimmers at this level have a sound mastery of stroke fundamentals and are beginning to work on advanced stroke refinement. Training processes that were introduced in the age group program, such as threshold training, goal setting and meet preparation will be mastered as the responsibility of the athlete to training and competition increases. Group meetings, goal meetings, informational sessions, alternate/advanced dryland opportunities are all a vital part of this group in terms of physical, emotional and social development as individuals and as members of APEX Aquatics. Swimmers at this level are typically ages 13-17 or in grades 7-11. These swimmers are working towards Regional Cuts for 13-15 year olds or age group cuts for ages 12-14.


This is our highest-level program, and as such the expectations of these APEX Aquatics members is high in both training consistency and in how they conduct themselves as individuals and teammates. These athletes are the team leaders and role models as many will be our representatives at the highest levels of competition in New England, the Eastern Zone and nationally. Senior group members must be mature, dedicated, consistent, responsible and dependable. As swimmers develop through our program and through our senior team, they will gain an understanding of how self-confidence, determination, patience and discipline will afford them the ability to challenge themselves and their teammates in a healthy, constructive manner facilitating their training and in the process making them better athletes and members of APEX Aquatics. These skills will become the tools that assist them each individually in defining their own personal character and success. As introduced in the Junior Group, group meetings, goal meetings (group & individual), informational sessions and alternate dryland opportunities are all essential in facilitating success in workout, competition and academically. These skills will by nature make this our highest-level training group, allowing us to become and grow into a dominant team. Swimmers in this group are typically ages 13-18 or in grades 8-12. These swimmers are working towards 15&Over Regional cuts and 15&Over Age Group Cuts and/or National level competitions.