About Crimson


Previously known as the Rams Swimming Club, Crimson Aquatics (Rhode Island) is a club made of up swimmers from ages five (5) years old through high school.

Competitive swimming is one of the best amateur sports for our youth. The sport, and the people associated with it, exemplify and build character, discipline, leadership, self-esteem, physical fitness and teamwork. These values are taught and reinforced for use throughout a lifetime.

Coaches at Crimson believe that a successful competitive program is not an accident. It is a well- organized activity that emphasizes a series of developmental stages and a consistent philosophy of total involvement and personal challenge.

We believe that for a competitive program to succeed, it must be built on the foundation created by a strong program for younger swimmers. At a young age, Crimson swimmers begin to understand the importance of stroke technique. As this understanding comes to fruition, the swimmers begin to focus more on training and swimming faster. 


Our Short Course Season goes from September-March.

Our Long Course Season goes from April-early August.