How to Sign Up For a Meet/Event

How to Sign Up for Swim Meets/Team Events

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Important Information Before You Get Started

In order to sign-up for swim meets and team events, families should review the meet and event schedule (listed under Meets and Events on our CASC Team Unify website). Families need to sign-up for the meets they would like their swimmer to attend before the posted deadlines through their CASC Team Unify Account. Families will also initially select their swimmer’s events for the meet but the coaches will review and edit events if necessary. Coaches will select events for swimmers for championship-level meets.

Once our team has submitted an entry to a meet host (which happens immediately after the meet/event registration deadline), fees cannot be refunded, therefore families are responsible for all meet fees after they have signed-up for a meet or event through Team Unify. This includes Crimson hosted swim meets and events.


  1. Type in in your internet browser
  2. Log in using your credentials-username and password
  3. Main Page click on Events/Meets
  4. Click on the meet you wish to participate in and then Attend/Decline
    1. If you click on the actual meet link, it will bring you to the meet information, address, event schedule, etc. To sign up for the meet you need to click on the attend/decline button
  5. Click on the name of your swimmer that will be attending
  6. Where it says declaration select; yes will be attending or no will not be attending
    1. If you don’t know what events to select you can write in the notes section, which days you would like to attend and Coach Jen can pick for you. Always try to pick 3-4 events per day. To see the event schedule you will need to click on the meet information link, which will bring you to the meet PDF.
  7. Click on the events that you wish your swimmer to sign up for and then click on SAVE CHANGES on the bottom right


Every swim meet will have a deadline for when you need to sign up by. If you miss this deadline we will not be able to late entry your swimmer. Please pay close attention to this deadlines that will be emailed to you a few days prior to closing.