Training Groups

Training Groups

The following is a brief overview of the training groups within Solo Diving.  These guidelines are general descriptions only, as the make-up of each group will change on a yearly basis.  The coaching staff will make all final decisions regarding group placements.  Placement decisions are made in the best interest of the individual diver and his/her long-term development.  Please note: although there are no structured attendance policies for any groups, ALL athletes are encouraged to attend ALL offered practices to ensure continued improvement within our program.


Black Team

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday & Sunday   (1.5 - 2 hour sessions) 

The Black Team is for experienced divers looking for a year-round competitive atmosphere.  Practices include increased board time as well as dry land training for strength and conditioning.  This group will also have the opportunity for competition in local meets with the goal of continuing on to national events.


Silver Team

Saturday & Sunday   (2 hour sessions)

The Silver Team is for divers who want to experience more opportunities on the board.  The increased time will allow divers to practice learned dives and also allow quicker acquisition of new skills.  This group will have the opportunity for competition in local meets and qualifying for national events.


White Team

Saturday OR Sunday   (2 hour sessions)

The White Team is for novice divers, as well as experienced divers looking to maintain/improve their skills.  The time block is great for a solid introduction to the sport of competitive diving.  It is also helpful for high school divers or summer divers looking to maintain skills between seasons.