SWIM SUITS: There is an Envious Swimming Team Page for any parents/swimmers that need to order a TYR Perseus Blue suit.
Here are the instructions to log onto the page:
Envious Swimming Team Page:
2) Go to swim teams tab
3) Click on Team Login Page
4) Team Password: Envious Swim Team
Per the team page instructions:  When ordering team suits, if we have the suit/size in stock, we will ship it out within 48 hours after the order is placed, and it usually takes 1-2 days to receive.  If we do not have the suit in stock, we will order from TYR, and ship the suit to the swimmer in about 10 business days when we receive it at the store.  All suits ship directly to the swimmer, and shipping charges apply.
Required Equipment by Training Groups:
White: Kick Board, Pull Buoy and Fins
Gray: Kick Board, Pull Buoy, Fins and Paddles
Black: Kick Board, Pull Buoy, Fins, Paddles and Snorkel
Blue/Blue EliteKick Board, Pull Buoy, Fins, Paddles and Snorkel
**Every day swimmers MUST have extra water bottles, extra swim suit, extra goggles, extra swim caps, dry lands clothes and sneakers and any necessary medical supplies in their bag.**
KICKBOARDS: Any will do, but we recommend keeping it fairly simple rather than a kickboard more specialized for specific functions.  
PULL BOUYS: Same as kickboards, any will do.  
FINS: ages 11&under the longer blade fins are OK.  Ages 12+ should be using shorter blade fins.
PADDLES: Strokemaker brand paddles.  Finger Straps ONLY no wrist straps. 
0.5 "Orange" Size: Gray
1.0 "Blue" Size: Black and Younger Blue Swimmers
2.0 "Yellow" Size: Blue/Blue Elite
TEAM CAPS: The 2018-2019 Competition Cap is the Dark Blue Cap with White Racing Stripes and the Light Blue Cap with White Racing Stripes as a back up. The White Cap with Blue Racing Stripes may also be worn. During competition swimmers MUST wear their Competition Cap, if they are using a cap. Practice Caps must be an Envious Swim Cap other than their Competition Cap these are only for competition.
TEAM T-SHIRTS: White Shirt on Saturdays, Blue Shirt on Sundays and any Envious Shirt on Fridays.
TEAM WARMUPS: Under Armor Warmups
TEAM PARKAS*: Speedo Color Block Parka in Blue
TEAM BAGS*: Speedo Large 35L (Smaller Kids maybe Medium 25L) Teamster Backpack in Black
*Parkas and Bags can be purchased off of Once we get about a group of 10 of either parkas and/or bags we will send them out for customization. Customization  for parkas cost $30 and bags may cost less.